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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Looking Good in the Winter?

How on earth can you ever look good in the winter? 

The question of the day. It is so hard when you put your big heavy boots on long johns and heavy coat. Then it snows on your hair you just fixed so nice. If you ware a hat you have fly away hair. So your choices are flat hair or spiked hair. It is hard to imagine why we bother to comb our hair put on makeup and get dressed.
Your pants almost always get a big mud streak on them from the car or truck and it never fails that the bottoms of your pants have mud on them too. I am not a fan of winter as you can tell. Snow makes such a mess and we must endure it for many months. I find it easy to take it with a grain of salt and just look as bad as the next person. My cheeks will be red and hair flat just like everyone else.

I will be toasty because I have my body armor on and feel like a stuffed chicken. Today I am buying candles for more up coming power outages. At least then I look good Right? Everyone looks good in candle light. Best we all can do is make sure we drink plenty of water, and keep our skin in top shape. Be sure to buy some moisturizing lotion for the long winter months. Clothing and the inside air will deplete your skin of moisture. At least then when we are home naked our skin will look nice.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Un Wrapped Beauty

With the holidays just around the corner or oh wait they are here. Time just fly's by us and we forget to do those things that we need to do for ourselves. While shopping it's easy to grab a quick bit to eat then run more errands and wow don't forget we still need regular groceries before Christmas gets here. Be kind to yourself and your behind and leave the fast food alone. We get caught up in the hustle and bustle of things and grab what ever is handy. I am not say it's bad to have a treat but this time of the year we treat ourselves to 5 extra pounds ever holiday season only to have old man winter come in a ruin our regular exercise routine.

Eat before going shopping take a healthy snack if you are going to be most of the day. You will save money and your back side. It also gives you that extra cash to add to a special Christmas gift you thought might be out of your reach and maybe a little something special for yourself.
Drink plenty of water. This time of year we are indoors more than ever and have more clothes on. our clothing also sucks moisture out of our skin. Be sure to exfoliate and lather on the lotions. Dry air and running here and there, cooking all takes a toll on our bodies. Stress begins to sink in and if we don't take a time out for that relaxing bath or a nice facial we can make ourselves sick. For a little Christmas gift buy a nice lotion, bar of soap, or bath salts and take 20 minutes for you! It will re energize you and give you the strength to carry on. Besides I am sure you have a few friends and family that don't care if the gift is wrapped with ribbons and bow.
You don't have to wrap mine!