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Saturday, January 22, 2011

10 Ways to Look Younger Series #3 and #4

Sorry for the delay I got lock out of my account some how.
Tip # 3
Ok Ladies it's a new year and have you looked in your closet? Really look in there and dig in deep. Anything from 10 years ago? How about 5 years ago? Is it time to have a do over.
Now I know we all have some classics we love but your wardrobe says a lot about your age. You clothes do not always have to be so dated. That is in age dated, I am guilty of this myself because of some handmade sweaters my mother made me years ago. I still have them puffy sleeves and all but don't wear them in public. Well no place to important. I know buying clothes can be hard and expensive. Finding clothing for your age is not what you want to do. Finding clothing that is in style is. Look through some catalogs and see what is hot. Find some items that will not be faddy but in general get you through a year.

You don't need to go into the Juniors section to find the in thing. Lots of shows on tv, What Not To Wear is a good one. Up dating your clothing gives you a younger appearance and don't let that oh I'm too old to wear something like that. You are only as old as you want to believe you are. Aching back and all you can still look fresh and young with your own style.

Case in point - my old business partner and a I did a make over day for 4 lady's. Each of them came in with kahki pants and a skinny leather belt, shirts tucked in tight. The shirts each had collars on them and buttoned up. My guess was they were all around 50 or so. The pants were not updated or in style khakis they were quite old lady looking. It was to both our surprise that these ladies happen to be our age. My partner looked at me and I looked back in shock. After they left we both swore not to ever ware anything like that ever!

Getting an up dated look is easy just look through some magazines and go to a few stores. where you go also helps. The gape always has up dated styles and most of the people that work in these kind of stores will help you out. I did ask a few of the girls to help me out one time and came home with items that were young and fresh. Maybe a bit to young and fresh so I took them back and traded for a bit less teeny bobber type and more 20's . I was 32 at the time.
Tip #4
Your make up is also in for an up do. Take a look at some videos on You Tube you will find some really good ideas to up date your look. If you look through a few you may get some great tips for giving your style a younger fresh look. No I am not say you have to go out buy new anything. Just give you make up a applications a do over. Now if you haven't changed your make up in the last year you need to trash it any way. Time get rid of it if you have had if for some time. It can be rancid and full of bacteria that can cause skin irritation and break outs. No matter what kind of cosmetics you use they do not last over a year and it's a good idea to get new. Try a few new colors while your at it, a new technique that will fresh your look and give you a younger appearance. 
I will also be doing some make up tutorials very soon. I need to find a model and may have found one. You can check that our by Clicking Here

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

10 Ways to Look Younger Series #2

 So what else can make us look older that we can fix. Easy fixes for our busy lives that just a little change or a tweak can take 1 to 10 years off your appearance. How easy is it to brush your teeth. Not hard at all. Most of us do it at least 2 times a day and some of us more.
As we age though our teethes enamel begins to thin and become porous. Leaving years of stains from every thing we eat and drink. One thing that makes someone look older is yellow teeth. Get those teeth pearly white and see what a difference it will make. Funny things will happen once you do this. People will ask if you got a new shirt or are you wear a new lip gloss. I have even been asked what  I did to my face.  The brighter white you can get them the better.
Several ways to do this but the least expensive is to use a good whitening tooth paste. No I don't get paid to say this but Ultra Bright is the best and so cheap. $1.50 a tub. Then scrub those teeth good. Remember that tooth paste isn't what cleans your teeth it's the brushing. Try not using any tooth paste once and see how much of a difference it makes.
Ok so I found this tooth paste because it was recommended by my dentist. He told me it has won awards for being the best whitening tooth paste. How great is that?
Another in expensive choices is a whitening system. I have used many of them but like the one that take the least a mount of treatments. They cost a bit more but work faster.
Now your saying when do I have time for that. Well while you are reading my blog or while showering, while waiting for an e-mail. Almost any time you have 20 minutes you are doing something else. I have used the ones with the trays and found them to be a bit of a pain. I like the strips you can put in and forget for about 20 minutes.I usually do mine while I am in the shower and doing my hair for the day. Then I can rinse and brush one more time before I leave for the day.

Now your teeth may feel a bit weird after the first use. They are a little more sensitive so take care and know you just bleached off a layer of scum so it will take a few hours for your teeth to get back to normal. I have used the brush on kind but found they just tasted funny and didn't stay on my teeth. I really like the strips but let me know what you have used that you like.

Whitening your teeth really makes a difference and will get you compliments you didn't even know you could get. Not to mention you are shedding at least 3 to 5 years from your face. Don't think anyone is looking at your mouth. I am a mouth person and often notice and will always say something if you have nice teeth.
Another way to really get them clean and whiten them is to see your friendly dentist. Make sure to go to your regular check ups and if you can afford to do it whiten those choppers. 

This all reminds me that I need to get mine done again. Off to walmart I go. I need to get my little kit!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

10 Ways to Look Younger Series

I am going to write 10 tips and tricks to looking younger. No we can't make you look 20 and if you are over 40 looking 20 is not what you want. With a few little changes you can shed 5 to 10 years off your appearance. It's hard to look your best at all times when you have kids at home, work, and your domestic chores to deal with daily. These tips and tricks will get you started to having a younger appearance that will make you feel good about yourself.

Tip #1 When was the last time you updated your hair style? Have you looked in the mirror? Look at some of your holiday pictures from this year and other years. Is your hair style the same is it looking out dated.
Now I am not saying you have to go out and get something completely teeny bopper new. Look through some magazines. Watch a small amount of tv and look for people who are near your age. Take some ideas with you and go see your hair stylist. Let them help you find an updated look that is easy to do.
You can not believe how much your hair style makes a difference in your age appearance.  
You don't need to be a movie star to get an updated look. You will feel great in your new style and bring in the new year with a stylish hair cut or color that really gives you a younger appearance.

If you have very long hair and you are over 35 with it just hanging, parted in the middle. That style is out and don't do it! Now I am not saying you have to have short hair. I am over 40 and love wearing my hair long. I just cut off 6 inches because it is time. It got me lots of compliments and made my head feel lighter too. Small changes and a good hair stylist can bring you into 2011 with a great new look.

Start clipping out those pictures so communicating with your stylist is easier. If you are up for anything let your stylist us her creative side. If your stylist can't do that get out of the chair and find another. You want to look your best even if you are just running your children to a soccer game and baking cookies. It can spice up your love life too. If you feel good about the way you look you'll find your mojo kicked into gear.

Tip #2 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Eagles Mere Ice Toboggan UpDate

10" of ice now. So not this weekend but next weekend it should be started. Now that doesn't mean it will be ready. It takes the entire weekend to build it. They will be getting ready this week and hopefully weather pending it should be up and running in two weeks.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pony Dust Is Having a Scavenger Hunt.

One day while taking photos of my products I had a little visitor. I was not aware of this until I started to edit my pictures to post. Some where in my shop you will find this little visitor. You can clearly see him in one of my main photos of one of my products. That will be the only hint I am giving to you.

What do you get if you find him. One of that product goes to the first person who leave the comment and link here on my blog.
Where can you find this small stowaway? In either of my shops