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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Beauty is a Beast

I remember as a kid getting perms. Oh the agony of them. My Mother insisted on doing them at home and the results were often not really desirable but she didn't do a bad job. It would have helped if we could find the same kind of perm every time and if my hair was not such a disaster to work with.

So I am dating myself here but when I was in high school big hair was the thing. I do see it's coming back so that is great! (for me) Not so sure about my hair as now I color it to cover grey. No perms for me. So do I dig out the old hot rollers? LOL I still picture us trying to see who could have the biggest hair. That Bonjovi any way. He had the best hair ever!

When I was young I never had a pimple to mention and if I did it came and went without much of a glitch. Now though my face is a complete mess. I feel like a teen with pizza face as they called them. I always felt so bad for them. Now I feel bad for me and anyone who has to look at me.

I developed several new face washes that I love and have really helped my skin and I often get letters from others that have great results. I will share them in another post later.

The entire time growing up we worry about our looks. I see children who want to be perfect looking and others who just don't care. I wonder what makes us really worry about our looks so much. Is it what others think of us? My guess is yes. As I remember reading a study done (don't remember where) that women don't dress for their men but actually to impress or out do other women. Face it women are very critical about each other. One reason I work in my own salon alone!

Bad hair days are the beast of a day. Our beauty seems to effect us in more ways then we think. We go through great lengths to look good. I hope we all know that our beauty is within and not about how you look. I know from being sick that feeling pretty sure does make you feel better. So go ahead and spend a little on yourself. If it makes you feel like you look good, you will!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Where Is Your World? What do you Do?

I often wonder what people do for a living when I meet them. It's quit a mystery to me why people choose what they do to make money. I often ask myself why I started doing hair many years ago. I remember how much passion and love I had for it. You would never guess that would be what I would a hairstylist. It came naturally to me and easy so I figured why not give it a try. Turns out I am not only good at it but really did like it.

Now many years later I am looking for a change. I still want to do something that had to do with beauty but wasn't really sure how. My answer came to me when once again I saw my professional products in CVS. You can read about that in a past post. Pure was born!

Sitting here tonight I am watch Julia/and Julie a very funny movie. The Julie is writing a blog and it's funny how her Mom gives her such a hard time. It really got me thinking about my blog and you my reader who I leave hanging way to often. Sorry!! Blogging is not an easy task and I want to share with you my creative process. So I am hoping to get this back to regular for all of you.

Now what to write about? Hmmm my world is mostly boring. Most of my days are involved in making products, labels, and just doing things for my business. After the dogs are fed, horses taken care of, and dinner done. I am glued to my computer the rest of the evening. Reading about soap making, advertising, e-mailing customers with questions and just pricing supplies. I have made a few videos so be sure to check out my youtube. Now that is quit funny!

So I just wonder about your world. What do you do? Where are you? My world is my internet were you can find out anything you want and even things you don't. I can check the weather in Honolulu any time I like (I do every day). 
So I love to make things. I love to cook.  I love my animals and for a living I still cut hair and I make jewelry and of course I make hand crafted bath and beauty products. I live in the mountains of Pennsylvania where it's cold most of the time. The 8 months of winter place.

So tell me about you! Where are you? What do you do? and tell me why

Monday, October 24, 2011

Extreme Coupon What's Working? What's Not?

Shopping makes me crazy and it's not often I leave the mountain to trek out to the busy traffic to shop for myself. If you have followed my blog you know I have a very hard time finding jeans to fit. Through the years I have always known that Levi's fit the best but can cost so much.

Today I found a deal I couldn't pass up. JCPenny had a sale on levi's for 34.98 and I had a coupon for 20% off that I found online. I also got a coupon in the mail. I tried on 3 pair I liked them so much I got them in 3 different styles. Boot cut and straight leg could only find one pair in my length but they will shink.

So I get to the check out I get another 20% off if I fill out the penny's credit card app. So I did and saved 40% more. Low and behold the cashier tells me today is customer appreciation day and it's another 15% off. Holly cow how great is that? So I had a gift card from my birthday for 50.00 and ended up paying 22.00 for 3 pair of Levi's. My total would have been $73.00 and that is not bad for Levi's. They are all a bit big but at least when I bend over my butt will not be sticking out. besides jeans all have Lycra now so they will shrink over time. Why do they do that? What happen to the old no Lycra cotton jeans?

So yesterday I went and cut coupons out of the news paper. I had to get some groceries and cut out the ones I thought I could use for things I needed. It didn't go well. First the store brand was cheaper by a lot! I couldn't find half the brands I had coupons for and all of them were 2 or more dollars more then the store brand and they weighed less. So my couponing at the grocery store bombed. Doesn't matter I saved big on jeans.

Tell me about your coupon adventures. I would love to hear some of your great saves and what works for you best. where do you save and where do you find those great coupons?

Friday, September 16, 2011

A blast From the Past

Wow I remember this guy. I had one as a kid and remember going to big boys when I was just little. I used to put all my tooth fairy money in it. When I got to be about 7 or 8 I cut the bottom out to get my money to buy a horse book and poster. I remember getting into trouble for it to. LOL I taped him back up and used him for years as a piggy bank. This one is in good shape I think I scrapped his eyes off because he was scary in the night. Kids!! You can find this on Etsy Here

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away Give A Way

Thats right! I am holding a give a way!
 Todays give a way will be one of our new Soaps all wrapped up pretty and ready to go. The winner  may choose the one you like.

How will this work?

First Follow This blog
then like our fan page and make a comment on our fan page about one of the products from my Etsy Shop.
The winner will be randomly drawn from the order you have commented on my fan page. 
Want another # to increase your chances of winning? sign up for our news letter this way you will always know when we have contest or coupons for our shop. 
If you have questions you can e-mail me until I run out of battery anyway! LOL 

rules you must do all of the first three things then you get and extra # for doing the last one signing up for our news letter. We will do the drawing on Friday Sept 9th so post away comment and sign up!! Lots of luck to all.

Congratulations Finding Charm! you are the winner your item is on it's way! Enjoy

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer Projects and Craft Events at Pure Bath and Beauty

This summer has flew by so quickly I can't even believe it's almost over. With a very busy show season it has been hard to keep up with my internet marketing. I had a few minutes and thought I would share a few projects and things I have been working on.
I will be having a craft show event here at my house on the 13 and 14th of August. The same day as the Eagles Mere Craft Show. I thought I would have my gram hang her sweaters and my sister and Mother bring their items also and do a whole weekend at our house so we can catch some of the happenings going on too.
So if your in the area come on by. I will have things set up 10am to about 4 pm. both days.

My items are now in the Artisan Market on main street in Muncy. Last night was the last Friday event and it was nice to meet some of the people who have stopped by to see whats new. I will be there for the next even also and that is the last Friday of August on the 26th.

Our newest items coming up will be our chocolate coffee scrub, Bye bye bug spay and our delectable soaps. I have a few pictures listed here.

The Cake Soaps will be $6.00 each I will be making lots more and starting our Halloween items and Christmas soaps soon too. If you have any ideas please share them with me. If you would like to order a cake or cup cake soaps in a scent of your choice give me at least 6 weeks notice. It takes time to cure them.

I have a lot of fun creating them and my cakes have gotten away from me a bit. They look like carnival rides. LOL These are cut in half  and will be sold as one item. I will have them packaged in silver boxes and decorated nice. You can also get these at the Artisan Market in Muncy Pa at Orlando's Bistro. These will be ready August 9th.

My fiance and I have been doing a bit of gardening and our plants have really come out nice. Today I picked 2 very nice sized zucchini to make a casserole out of. I will have to share my recipe with you all. Once I find it myself. It's very rich and yummy.

This is just a few of the things I have been up too. Creating jewelry also I will share that with you tomorrow. I hope to pop in every day and let you in on our referral program too. So until tomorrow stay cool and have a fun rest of the summer.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Have You Looked at Your Behind?

2 days ago for some reason I decided to pick up my mirror in my salon and take a look at the back of myself. Now I know it sounds strange but I was really just looking at my hair and what it looked like from the back. I don't often do this in a full length mirror so I am not being weird just trying to see if my hair looked ok. My eyes not only caught the stray long hair that was hanging loose but noticed the rest of me. Like the fact that my love handles have become actual handles. LOL and my pants although comfy are not flattering at all as they hang off the bottom of my rear as though I have no behind. I promise you I am not missing any of that. So those pants are now for barn chores not go out in public in.

I also really took a good look at my hair and decided no matter what I needed to get a hair cut that day. So I did and guess what? It looks and feels so much better. I went to my computer and looked at hairstyles for about 1 hour until I picked a Meg Ryan hair cut. It really is cute and can be worn in several ways. Perfect for my hectic life.

why should you look in the back every once in a while? Most of us don't take a gander at the rear we are only worried about what we can see from the front. I will tell you so many times I have sat in church for a funeral or wedding and wondered if anyone had looked to see the back of their head or clothing. As a hairstylist I find it hard to believe no one does the back of their hair. (some do) but so many don't. I want to hand them my business card so bad it hurts. I often sit there and fiddle with my card wondering if maybe I could drop it in front of them and get them to pick it up. Hmmm I know I am bad but if you know a hairstylist they do the same thing. We are always looking to see if someone has split ends, dandruff, or try to figure out how long it's been since your last color job.

We have all seen those who walk around in the mall or shopping for groceries where you want to fix someones clothes because from the back they have really messed up.

Don't be afraid to take a gander of the back then I know your confidence will be boosted knowing you know how you look from the back. I know I am glad I did.
Until the next weird thing I come up with be beautiful on the inside, makes you pretty on the outside.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How Do You Want Your Whipped Soap to Smell?

 I love whipped soap it feels like washing with whipped cream. Pure will be coming out with our new concoction very soon. I started these in March of this year but they have to cure for 8 weeks. These hopefully will your favorite to.

Now how to scent them? I would love to get your input on what scents you would like. Feel free to leave a comment and as many scents as you love. I am partial to the apple mango because it leaves such a wonderful after scent of sweet and clean freshness on my skin.

I have been working on lease wonderful soaps every week and have had a ton of fun doing it. I even had some on the ceiling and all over myself a few times. I think I filled the bowl up to much. LOL Wish I had pictures of that.

As you can see these are a nice fluffy soap and give you copious amounts of  lather. You can shave with them as they are very mild and feel like cream on your skin. I used lots of cocoa nut oil and butter along with shea butter to give your skin a moisturizing effect along with a clean feel. These rinse off and do not leave a film at all. Just soft smooth skin.
They will also be available in a sugar scrub so look for those as well.

Now tell me how you want to smell? 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What Makes You Purchase Skin Care?

Today I got an e-mail from a women asking about one of my lotions. She was looking for something for dry skin on a 50 year old face. We have have that and yes our Extreme is formulated for dry mature skin. I was happy I could direct her to something that she really needed and wanted.

So tell me what makes you purchase skin care?
Do you like a certain smell?
Is it a skin issue you have?
To better serve you we would love to hear why and what you buy in skin care... Tell us what you look for in you favorite skin care products. Tell us about the scent, feel, and even the container, size and price.

Monday, April 25, 2011

It's Time To Decorate Your Garden

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Get Dirty Get Healthy

Now get your heads out of the gutter. Good Morning America reported that getting dirty is actually good for you. Well who didn't already know that. Why is this so true?
In order to get dirty you have to go outside. What better air is there for you then fresh clean outdoor country air?
Working in the garden or playing with your children making mud pies gives you lots of exercise.  Bending stretching and so much more. Did you know dirt has minerals that are good for you?
Some dirt has clay in it that has trace minerals and certain metals that our bodies crave and need. These don't come from most lotions but can be found in clay Facial mask and muds. Maybe that is why they are so good for your skin.
Get out in your yard and clean up the yard. Secret is to not over do it. Do a little every day and build your muscles back up. We use different one for each task we do and it's good for us. There are other pluses to. You get to spend quality time with your kids, grand kid or in my case nieces. You get dirty, exercise, and some yard and gardening done. That has to be healthy for you!
I am just waiting for it to be nice enough to get out there to do just that. I Just got my rosemary and lavender to plant this year. Hurry spring get here I want to get Dirty!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bad New for our Mineral Cosmetic Line

As I was getting ready for spring and formulating some great lip gloss colors I noticed a few of my micas were getting low. I made my listed to reorder.
So yesterday while taking a break I though well I will just order them while I am sitting here. I get on my suppliers website to see that the colors I use are discontinued.  Appearantly their supplier is no longer carrying these. Since I formulate from scratch only using the 6 colors from the color wheel and a few sparkly colors I am in a bad position. As finding true colors is not easy and my search is not going well. This is not the death of our cosmetics by no means but everything will need to be reformulated. What does this mean for you?
Of Course we will be selling all our colors at a discount. That's right a huge one because they will no longer be created. Now this will be happening in the next week or so. I will get them listed and marked for sale so you can enjoy them. Be sure to sign up for our News letter as I will have announcements in there for everything that is going on. News Letter

I will keep you posted!!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Just Love Spring In Eagles Mere

It reminds of..Umm................Well...............Winter!
As you can see by the picture last week dump a little more on us. I know it's early for us to have spring but we have not had but 2 days of good weather. I really have not had much time to notice it because I have been really busy.
In my next post I will be sure to show you some of our new items and some of our updated looks. This will give you an idea of why it really hasn't been a bother to me this year. So  be sure to follow our blog for these great updates
I want to hear about your weather. How is it where you live?

Has Winter been kind? Because I know Japan is not having much fun. What do you do to take up the long days between actual spring and spring?

My readers would love to know all about where you are from and what you do to keep busy. 

I also want you all to know I am being considered for a deal on Hearty If you are interested in handmade you have got to check this out. Vote for me while you are there and be sure to sign up for their daily deals. vote at this link

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pony Dust Cosmetics Getting a Face Lift and Do Over

Pony Dust Cosmetics is getting a huge make over. After weeks of thinking about it we have decided to give pony dust a fair well. It has not been an easy decision and a much detailed task to change over. We  are working diligently to get everything up and running as quickly as we can.

A few weeks ago I woke up to a realization that I hate the name of  Pony Dust Cosmetics. When we first came up with the name I thought it was very cute and so me. As I love horses and my hair salon is named Pony Tails. Since the products were to replace the commercial items I was carrying in my salon I thought it fit. Now though I have come to feel the name or style do not fit. It is not a child's product and I really want it to be classy and sheik. So we changed to Pure Bath & Beauty You can find us listing new items in our Etsy Shop now and we will have our new site up by next week that can be found here for now. We hope you all will still follow us and hope to continue to bring you lots of great items and information.
Thank you so much for your patience as we change everything over.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lotion With a Twist

We have been very busy this winter developing new and wonderful items. One of our favorite that has been tested all winter long is our Solid Lotion Sticks. Yes these are a solid lotion that go on with the warmth of your skin but yet do not leave a greasy feeling behind.

Wonderful for very itch skin, eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin. Great for every day just getting out of the shower I use it on my legs and arms that can become very dry.   I love these for my feet too but be careful when you have pets you can feel a bit tared and furred if you do this and crawl into bed.
The Lotion Sticks come in many scents or unscented. If you don't see one listed please ask us and we will get it in for you.
Also added is our Lumber Jack scent. A little more masculine but also a great scent for both males and females. The scent is of cedar and cinnamon and smells so good. This now comes in our shampoo, conditioners and lotions. Try some you will love it.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring In Eagles Mere a Turn for the Worst

We had a turn for the worst here in Eagles Mere as  I woke up this morning to 2 inches of snow. Yes that's right snow. We will not be without it until May I know but this is getting old.

We have been teased with a few nice days and it has left us with a bit of snert left over. I guess the snow this morning covered those dirty ugly piles over a bit but now everything is wet and muddy. I have so been looking forward to global warming and I really am not feeling it.

A bit of a brighter note and a reason I have not posted as much as I usually do. I met my half brothers for the first time 4 weeks ago. It was a wonderful union as I have known about them but never met them until now. Long story that I may tell some day. It is nice having them in my life and they are already helping me with my Pony Dust Cosmetics and spreading the word about it.
My one brother Mike has a really screwy work schedule but best part of that is he can come and help me make things. He really had a great time helping me make my bubble bars and some jewelry too. It was great fun working with him and I look forward to doing it again very soon.
I will continue with the 10 things that make you look younger and get everyone caught up on the new items I have and will be listing in my shop.
This weekend I will be at the Williamsport high school spring craft show and looking for those who are close to come and see me.
I will be working on my display the next few days and finishing up labels to get ready so be patient I will get back to my blog as soon as time allows. In the mean time Happy Spring!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

5th Way to Look Younger

Ok I know many will disagree with me but I am going to let you all know gray hair is a sure way to age yourself.
It doesn't matter if you are 27 with gray or 78 gray adds ten years.
With that said I have seen a few people who look good with their gray hair but are probable much younger than they appear to me.
My great aunt Florence who is 87 years old in May wanted to grow out her color because of the money. I agreed to let her do it. After a month or so we gave her a perm and trimmed the last of the color off. We set and styled her hair. She took one look in the mirror and said Oh MY I look like and old lady. The next tuesday she called and asked if I would have time to color her hair on her usual day.
Now be sure if you are coloring your hair and are older 40 or more it is time to lighten up too. A shade or 2 lighter than what you used to be is good. Even use a color that is temp that will blend gray in.
I know money is a big issue when it comes to having a professional hair stylist but think about a few things maybe you can do to save when going to the salon.
After finding a reputable salon or stylist ask if a cut comes with any chemical services. Find coupons for your salon.(always go to the same salon unless they suck) do you have a profession you could share?
Do you do book work? Are you an accountant? Are you above doing some cleaning? Some salon owners would be happy to trade some services for a few colors and cuts a year. I know I would love that. I actually have a client that cleans for me and I trade for hair services. It never hurts to ask. Some salons will give you a discount for sending people to the salon or stylist. Ask your stylist if you get them 3 client if she could cut some off your next color.
Is time your problem? Most salons are open in the evenings and Saturdays. If early morning is better for you see if you can book that slot. Most beauticians work a long day and are happy to make an appointment for your convenience. Be sure if it is not a usual time to leave a nice tip for them to accommodating you. Take the hour and half to get pretty with shinny colored hair. It will make you feel good and look younger.
Just ask my Great Aunt she will never stop coloring her hair. At 87 she is not ready to look like an old lady yet. LOL
If you must do your color yourself choose a color 2 shades lighter than your darkest part. It is always easier to go darker but not so easy to go lighter once you color it. Try a temp color if you like it go permanent for a longer lasing effect.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

10 Ways to Look Younger Series #3 and #4

Sorry for the delay I got lock out of my account some how.
Tip # 3
Ok Ladies it's a new year and have you looked in your closet? Really look in there and dig in deep. Anything from 10 years ago? How about 5 years ago? Is it time to have a do over.
Now I know we all have some classics we love but your wardrobe says a lot about your age. You clothes do not always have to be so dated. That is in age dated, I am guilty of this myself because of some handmade sweaters my mother made me years ago. I still have them puffy sleeves and all but don't wear them in public. Well no place to important. I know buying clothes can be hard and expensive. Finding clothing for your age is not what you want to do. Finding clothing that is in style is. Look through some catalogs and see what is hot. Find some items that will not be faddy but in general get you through a year.

You don't need to go into the Juniors section to find the in thing. Lots of shows on tv, What Not To Wear is a good one. Up dating your clothing gives you a younger appearance and don't let that oh I'm too old to wear something like that. You are only as old as you want to believe you are. Aching back and all you can still look fresh and young with your own style.

Case in point - my old business partner and a I did a make over day for 4 lady's. Each of them came in with kahki pants and a skinny leather belt, shirts tucked in tight. The shirts each had collars on them and buttoned up. My guess was they were all around 50 or so. The pants were not updated or in style khakis they were quite old lady looking. It was to both our surprise that these ladies happen to be our age. My partner looked at me and I looked back in shock. After they left we both swore not to ever ware anything like that ever!

Getting an up dated look is easy just look through some magazines and go to a few stores. where you go also helps. The gape always has up dated styles and most of the people that work in these kind of stores will help you out. I did ask a few of the girls to help me out one time and came home with items that were young and fresh. Maybe a bit to young and fresh so I took them back and traded for a bit less teeny bobber type and more 20's . I was 32 at the time.
Tip #4
Your make up is also in for an up do. Take a look at some videos on You Tube you will find some really good ideas to up date your look. If you look through a few you may get some great tips for giving your style a younger fresh look. No I am not say you have to go out buy new anything. Just give you make up a applications a do over. Now if you haven't changed your make up in the last year you need to trash it any way. Time get rid of it if you have had if for some time. It can be rancid and full of bacteria that can cause skin irritation and break outs. No matter what kind of cosmetics you use they do not last over a year and it's a good idea to get new. Try a few new colors while your at it, a new technique that will fresh your look and give you a younger appearance. 
I will also be doing some make up tutorials very soon. I need to find a model and may have found one. You can check that our by Clicking Here

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

10 Ways to Look Younger Series #2

 So what else can make us look older that we can fix. Easy fixes for our busy lives that just a little change or a tweak can take 1 to 10 years off your appearance. How easy is it to brush your teeth. Not hard at all. Most of us do it at least 2 times a day and some of us more.
As we age though our teethes enamel begins to thin and become porous. Leaving years of stains from every thing we eat and drink. One thing that makes someone look older is yellow teeth. Get those teeth pearly white and see what a difference it will make. Funny things will happen once you do this. People will ask if you got a new shirt or are you wear a new lip gloss. I have even been asked what  I did to my face.  The brighter white you can get them the better.
Several ways to do this but the least expensive is to use a good whitening tooth paste. No I don't get paid to say this but Ultra Bright is the best and so cheap. $1.50 a tub. Then scrub those teeth good. Remember that tooth paste isn't what cleans your teeth it's the brushing. Try not using any tooth paste once and see how much of a difference it makes.
Ok so I found this tooth paste because it was recommended by my dentist. He told me it has won awards for being the best whitening tooth paste. How great is that?
Another in expensive choices is a whitening system. I have used many of them but like the one that take the least a mount of treatments. They cost a bit more but work faster.
Now your saying when do I have time for that. Well while you are reading my blog or while showering, while waiting for an e-mail. Almost any time you have 20 minutes you are doing something else. I have used the ones with the trays and found them to be a bit of a pain. I like the strips you can put in and forget for about 20 minutes.I usually do mine while I am in the shower and doing my hair for the day. Then I can rinse and brush one more time before I leave for the day.

Now your teeth may feel a bit weird after the first use. They are a little more sensitive so take care and know you just bleached off a layer of scum so it will take a few hours for your teeth to get back to normal. I have used the brush on kind but found they just tasted funny and didn't stay on my teeth. I really like the strips but let me know what you have used that you like.

Whitening your teeth really makes a difference and will get you compliments you didn't even know you could get. Not to mention you are shedding at least 3 to 5 years from your face. Don't think anyone is looking at your mouth. I am a mouth person and often notice and will always say something if you have nice teeth.
Another way to really get them clean and whiten them is to see your friendly dentist. Make sure to go to your regular check ups and if you can afford to do it whiten those choppers. 

This all reminds me that I need to get mine done again. Off to walmart I go. I need to get my little kit!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

10 Ways to Look Younger Series

I am going to write 10 tips and tricks to looking younger. No we can't make you look 20 and if you are over 40 looking 20 is not what you want. With a few little changes you can shed 5 to 10 years off your appearance. It's hard to look your best at all times when you have kids at home, work, and your domestic chores to deal with daily. These tips and tricks will get you started to having a younger appearance that will make you feel good about yourself.

Tip #1 When was the last time you updated your hair style? Have you looked in the mirror? Look at some of your holiday pictures from this year and other years. Is your hair style the same is it looking out dated.
Now I am not saying you have to go out and get something completely teeny bopper new. Look through some magazines. Watch a small amount of tv and look for people who are near your age. Take some ideas with you and go see your hair stylist. Let them help you find an updated look that is easy to do.
You can not believe how much your hair style makes a difference in your age appearance.  
You don't need to be a movie star to get an updated look. You will feel great in your new style and bring in the new year with a stylish hair cut or color that really gives you a younger appearance.

If you have very long hair and you are over 35 with it just hanging, parted in the middle. That style is out and don't do it! Now I am not saying you have to have short hair. I am over 40 and love wearing my hair long. I just cut off 6 inches because it is time. It got me lots of compliments and made my head feel lighter too. Small changes and a good hair stylist can bring you into 2011 with a great new look.

Start clipping out those pictures so communicating with your stylist is easier. If you are up for anything let your stylist us her creative side. If your stylist can't do that get out of the chair and find another. You want to look your best even if you are just running your children to a soccer game and baking cookies. It can spice up your love life too. If you feel good about the way you look you'll find your mojo kicked into gear.

Tip #2 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Eagles Mere Ice Toboggan UpDate

10" of ice now. So not this weekend but next weekend it should be started. Now that doesn't mean it will be ready. It takes the entire weekend to build it. They will be getting ready this week and hopefully weather pending it should be up and running in two weeks.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pony Dust Is Having a Scavenger Hunt.

One day while taking photos of my products I had a little visitor. I was not aware of this until I started to edit my pictures to post. Some where in my shop you will find this little visitor. You can clearly see him in one of my main photos of one of my products. That will be the only hint I am giving to you.

What do you get if you find him. One of that product goes to the first person who leave the comment and link here on my blog.
Where can you find this small stowaway? In either of my shops