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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Beauty is a Beast

I remember as a kid getting perms. Oh the agony of them. My Mother insisted on doing them at home and the results were often not really desirable but she didn't do a bad job. It would have helped if we could find the same kind of perm every time and if my hair was not such a disaster to work with.

So I am dating myself here but when I was in high school big hair was the thing. I do see it's coming back so that is great! (for me) Not so sure about my hair as now I color it to cover grey. No perms for me. So do I dig out the old hot rollers? LOL I still picture us trying to see who could have the biggest hair. That Bonjovi any way. He had the best hair ever!

When I was young I never had a pimple to mention and if I did it came and went without much of a glitch. Now though my face is a complete mess. I feel like a teen with pizza face as they called them. I always felt so bad for them. Now I feel bad for me and anyone who has to look at me.

I developed several new face washes that I love and have really helped my skin and I often get letters from others that have great results. I will share them in another post later.

The entire time growing up we worry about our looks. I see children who want to be perfect looking and others who just don't care. I wonder what makes us really worry about our looks so much. Is it what others think of us? My guess is yes. As I remember reading a study done (don't remember where) that women don't dress for their men but actually to impress or out do other women. Face it women are very critical about each other. One reason I work in my own salon alone!

Bad hair days are the beast of a day. Our beauty seems to effect us in more ways then we think. We go through great lengths to look good. I hope we all know that our beauty is within and not about how you look. I know from being sick that feeling pretty sure does make you feel better. So go ahead and spend a little on yourself. If it makes you feel like you look good, you will!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Where Is Your World? What do you Do?

I often wonder what people do for a living when I meet them. It's quit a mystery to me why people choose what they do to make money. I often ask myself why I started doing hair many years ago. I remember how much passion and love I had for it. You would never guess that would be what I would a hairstylist. It came naturally to me and easy so I figured why not give it a try. Turns out I am not only good at it but really did like it.

Now many years later I am looking for a change. I still want to do something that had to do with beauty but wasn't really sure how. My answer came to me when once again I saw my professional products in CVS. You can read about that in a past post. Pure was born!

Sitting here tonight I am watch Julia/and Julie a very funny movie. The Julie is writing a blog and it's funny how her Mom gives her such a hard time. It really got me thinking about my blog and you my reader who I leave hanging way to often. Sorry!! Blogging is not an easy task and I want to share with you my creative process. So I am hoping to get this back to regular for all of you.

Now what to write about? Hmmm my world is mostly boring. Most of my days are involved in making products, labels, and just doing things for my business. After the dogs are fed, horses taken care of, and dinner done. I am glued to my computer the rest of the evening. Reading about soap making, advertising, e-mailing customers with questions and just pricing supplies. I have made a few videos so be sure to check out my youtube. Now that is quit funny!

So I just wonder about your world. What do you do? Where are you? My world is my internet were you can find out anything you want and even things you don't. I can check the weather in Honolulu any time I like (I do every day). 
So I love to make things. I love to cook.  I love my animals and for a living I still cut hair and I make jewelry and of course I make hand crafted bath and beauty products. I live in the mountains of Pennsylvania where it's cold most of the time. The 8 months of winter place.

So tell me about you! Where are you? What do you do? and tell me why