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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Where Did Chritmas Go?

I am not a lover of Christmas. The hustle and bustle that makes me crazy just before the holiday. Before you think oh she's  a Grinch let me say. I love spending time with my family. I just love playing with my nieces and enjoying there surprises on that day.
I am not a shopper and have always hated going to the mall or any department store. This year was a challenge because I just couldn't find anything I really wanted to get my family. Every store was out of everything I wanted to purchase. The stores did not stock according to what they would sell. (wonder how that would work for my business?) They put things on sale, I even got e-mails for coupons for items they didn't have and I could not order. UHH I was so unhappy. I found the customer service lacking to say the least. To many of them standing around looking busy when it was apparent that people needed help. One of the worst stores I was in that this happen was Best Buy. I think Staples was next they didn't have a thing in stock 2 weeks before Christmas.

So we start right after thanks giving and sometimes Halloween with the sales pitches for Christmas, the music, and decorations. By the end of November I am sick of looking at it. Tired of asking everyone what they want and so forth. It's the beginning of December until I do anything with my shop for Christmas and maybe this is wrong but I don't want to make my clients feel I am shoving my stuff down their throat for 8 weeks prior to the holiday.
Now Christmas has come and gone. I have time to relax and enjoy but no Christmas anything in site. I want to listen to Christmas music and watch some of the shows I never get to see before it gets here. Nothing on tv but trash. Some  of my favorites are rudoff and frosty, others include the family stone and old man winter (haven't seen that in years)
I am putting the tree away today, I have to fold it in half and put it in the ribbon box all done. I just wish I could find a nice Christmas story to watch these nights that I now have time to sit and watch.
I will have to dig out my movies and see what I have. Make a cup of hot chocolate and rub some yummy body butter on my legs and feet and enjoy my short relaxing time.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Up Coming Give Away Will Be Big See How To Get In On It

So we know that after the holidays everyone will be exhausted and ready for a huge break. Going back to work after having a long stretch of time off is very stressful. Here at Pony Dust we want to keep you informed of whats going on in the easiest way possible. What do you have to do to find out whats going on. Simple!
Make a comment here and then become a member of this blog. Why make a comment? So I can match your information with my members.
It's that easy. We will then keep you posted as to what is going to be happening in the next month. We have some surprises and a great way for you to keep in touch with us.  Learn about new products, shows, what sample boxes we will be in next month. Give a ways and free samples.
I am looking for 200 members once I get to that # I will put all the names into a randomize generator to choose a lucky person to win this Facial Gift Basket! Worth $30.00. Lots of goodies including our facial moisturizer and a facial scrub and wash in a cute holiday box.
This way when the holidays are over you can simply just log in to your google account and see what is going on. We are going to be giving away samples, and a large gift basket worth 75.00 in bath and beauty products. Want to be the first to know about it just become a member. I will not be doing a drawing for the facial basket until we have 200 members so share this blog post with your social community and e-mail it to friends you think would like to win it too.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Bold New Line at

I have some new designs up in my studio.
These are the few I have left from fall to winter.
You can purchase them at

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pony Dust Wishes All A Happy Holiday

Have a Very Happy Holiday Season.
Be safe and remember to smile in these last few days of hustle and bustle. Enjoy yourself and your family activities.
This season comes and goes so quickly we often forget to just enjoy.
I am actually going to take Sunday off to do nothing but a load of laundry.
I hope you will enjoy a day to yourself as well.
Remember not to eat to much and drink plenty of water.
Things don't always have to be perfect for your family.They aren't perfect either and it will be the same as last year. Its all the same family and they will look past the little flaws in the dinner rolls you forgot to put on the table. Better yet how about that gift you shorted on wrapping paper. LOL  It seems to happen to just one doesn't it.
Have a really great time I will see you all back here after this busy weekend.
Don't forget to sign up to our News Letter. We have something very special coming for the new year.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Maybe This Is What I Should Do When I Grow Up

On Monday I transformed my salon into a handmade shop. I love it so much I would love to leave it this way. I love the way it smells it sounds and feels.

It only took 2 tables and a few screws to make my little hair salon a craft bonanza. I had my Grandma bring her sweater over and hang them from any hook we could find. I arranged my jewelry on a table and my frames. It looks and feels just like a little craft shop. My Mother and sister are supposed to bring more things today, I can't wait. I only wish I could keep it this way.
I had 3 people pop in one bought lotion and the others wanted hair cuts. Funny that when I said I couldn't they didn't even notice that my shop was completely changed.
I am hopping to be busier today with people as my ad was in the paper last week. It was not cheap and looked great. I had a few people tell me they saw it and would be over. It will be in the paper again tomorrow and may jog everyone's memory that I am there with my crafts. I could have done it on the weekend but I was very busy with hair on Saturday and had to do my shopping.
Today I will work on all my Christmas baskets for my family. If there is anything left at the end of these few days I am going to have a give a way starting the day after Christmas. We will announce them in our news letter so be sure to sign up.
I really would love to bag the hair salon all together and may try one of these little sales again in January to see if this is something that may work for me. I am ready to do something new and really get into my creative side.
My Santa helper days will end Wednesday December 23 then it's back to cutting hair again. I look forward to seeing those of you who live in our area. Come in grab a basket fill it with goodies and I will decorate it so you have a wonderful handmade gift.
So Come on in Open 1 to 7pm Today and Tomorrow. We will be waiting for you.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pony Dust Feature In Towanda

We have recently been ask to have our products in a shop located in Towanda, Pa. We are so excited to be part of this very unique and necessary shop. Dry Goods Plus and Deli is located on main street in  Towanda. We met with Cindy the owner and found her to be very personable. We had a wonderful conversation and Cindy is a smart business women.
The store is open Monday-Friday 7am to 6pm and Saturday 9am to 4pm
Cindy is right on the corner at a traffic light and you can park on the side street. Easy to get to and wow she has some great items. The choices are unlimited and everything you could want is there. My fiance found some yummy peanut brittle and roasted corn flower. Craig and I are cooks so we of course love fresh herbs and spices. This is a great place to find just about anything you want.
While I was there the deli was also busy and I saw one of their sandwich wraps being made and that looked really good. Lots of meat and cheese and fresh made on the spot. I must say I am happy to have my fancy macaroon bubble bath in her shop.
I want to thank Cindy for contacting me to include my creations in her wonderful establishment. I am honored and delighted to be part of Cindy's business.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Little Elf Helper

Every year I go through the same old thing at Christmas. I just hate shopping for other people, I am not good at it. I am never sure what others like what size they are or if they would actually need it. I know gifts are not supposed to be something someone needs but a wish they would like to have. I guess it is just hard for me to spend money on something that someone may not want and just stuff it away in a closet.
Last year I made everyone shampoo conditioner and facial gift baskets and everyone loved them. The year before I gave jewelry I made. This year I am making up gift baskets again with all my special bath and body items.
Our whipped soaps and body butters and of course our new bubble bath macaroons and including lip balms. Easy peezy as I have to make it up any way for some orders and my Elf days at my salon.
Elf days at my salon are December 20,21,22 I will have baskets ready to fill for 3 days from 12pm to 7pm phone orders are also accepted up until those times. This is for pick up or delivery in my area only.
We have a limited amount of baskets so get yours now before it's too late.
A gift basket with handcrafted products says you care to find that special gift. The only thing you need to do is let me know what scent and how much you would like to spend. I will whip you up a wonderful decorated basket ready to go.
My family will love them and we are making fresh products every day.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Beauty Questions Answered Here

Do you have a beauty question you would like to have answered. Want to know how to keep your mascara from running down your cheeks?
Is you hair flat but not sure what you can do to give it body.
If you have questions I can help.
As a hair stylist and makeup artist for over 20 years I have done it all. Even though I live in the woods we like to look good too.

I have worked with photographers and models. (you know the models that do calendars for the NRA)
My salon has participated with local fashion shows that we do yearly with our local women center and victim services.  Not to mention my love of making up my friends and working with brides at my salon.

I am often not sure what you as my reader would like to know about so help me out and ask questions.
Please keep them beauty or product related but ask away.  Ask you questions in the comments area and I will write a post about it. Be sure to follow this blog so you can get an answer to your question.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fancy Bubble Macaroons Getting Better

Now since my last little experiment I think I have improved what do you think? I worked really hard on the mint chocolate ones. I have to say that working with soap is not like working with the real thing. So my drizzles are more drops but they smell good enough to eat.

 My Fancy macaroons have really turned out great. Making them is so much fun too. I am so glad I tried these out. I will have a menu up soon so you can see what scents I have and what kind of decadent soapy items I have. These would make a great gift for almost anything including birthdays, wedding favors, batchlorete party's,thank you gifts and of course hostess gift. These are decorated for the holidays including New years. That is right around the corner too.
So what do you think of my new creations? You will have to let me know leave a comment below and be sure to check them out. I will be working hard to get more scents and colors up. I have to admit I ran out of a few of my ingredients so I am going to be a few days before I can get to them. I can't wait!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Whats Prowling On Your Puff?

A few years ago I had a client complaining about a rash she had. It seemed to be getting worse every time I saw her for a hair cut. She had gone to a dermatologist and they took a scrap of skin to see what they could find.
My client stopped using soaps of any kind on her body because the doctor thought it could be an allergic reaction. This went on for quite sometime and she seem to get rid of it one week and the next it was back.

I asked her what she used to wash with. Her reply was nothing I stopped using anything and don't even use perfume any more.  No I said what do you use a wash cloth, puff, or loofah. Oh she reply's a puff and sometimes my loofah.
So I asked her a few more questions. How old are they? Where do you keep them when you are finished showering? and When was the last time you washed them in the dish washer or replaced them.
she said she usually used them at least a month or more and never thought to wash them.
I told her to throw them away and us a new wash cloth ever time she showered. In a week her skin started to clear up and the rash never returned. She did have to you a bacterial cream for about 2 weeks but it has never come back.
Here's the deal, after showering or bathing shake as much water out of your puff as you can. Take your puff out of the shower or tub. Keep it in a place it can dry or dry it with a towel. Be sure to dip your loofah or puff in bleach and rinse if you plan on using it more than a week. Keeping it dry when not in use will keep it from forming mold, mildew and bacteria. These can lead to staph (Staphylococcus aureus)
infections like the one my client had. This is not something you want and can be very serious. Because puffs are fairly cheap I would replace it weekly if you use it daily.
If you notice a rash and have not changed soaps get a new loofah or sponge right away and if the rash doesn't go away see your doctor.
In short it is best to keep anything you use on your skin clean and free of bacteria.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bubble Bath Macaroon Experiment Gone Wild

wow guess what I did today? I made a new product and had a blast. It was raining when I got up so I grabbed all my things to take down stairs so I could get to work. I wanted to finish an on going order and finish organizing my shop for the holiday basket sale I am having.

Well I got watching a video while drinking my coffee and taking a break. Next thing I know I am pulling out bowls and ingredients to mix up some of this stuff. Well of course I am always into making things better. Fist I mixed up my ingredients and did what the video said to. I then put the little tarts into the pan and stuck them in the freezer. (impatient I am) I then turned them over to try to remove them but had no luck. They were so hard I could use them to shoot out of a gun. I then re melted the entire batch. I added a few more ingredients that I thought would be much better and wa la I have a great bubble bath macaroon.
Ok so my first ones don't look that great but I got some great ideas from looking at some website of macaroons and they will only get better. I am so excited about this. I just wish I had a tub. I would love to use these and would be in the tub every night soaking away my aching bones. I did take a few for my shower tomorrow morning. I have to try these out they smell so terrific.

We have wrapped them up in a great holiday bag with a snow man. They will come in many scents and I hope you will check them out as we will be adding more as the days go on. I would also like to mention these will be in our gift baskets. They make great stocking stuffer s and I have made some holiday ones too. I have measured them out to 1 oz so you will need to use 1 or 2 per bath.
Check them out one my site. These will not be the ones you get but a much prettier batch.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Being Beautiful On The Inside

Two years ago right around this time of year, my fiance and I wear shopping. We were going through a hard time but managing. As we stood in line waiting to check out we were talking to each other. There were 2 women in front of us. One was a woman with a little girl about 2 years old. You could tell she wasn't well off. She had a few personal items, things that you would need. The baby wanted some candy so she put a small bag on the conveyor belt. When she was checking out she went to pay only to find she was a bit short. She started to put things back and set the candy aside. The women directly in front of  us said no I will pay for the rest. You need those items and the baby should have her candy. It was like twenty dollars.

I have to say I think that was the nicest thing I have ever seen someone do. My fiance and I both told her how very nice that was and she should be proud that she was so generous. The women smiled and said I am lucky and have been there myself.

Doing something nice like that makes you feel good about yourself. Those who can give should. It is never about how much we have in monetary value that means anything. It's that helping hand and the feeling of making someones day. Putting a smile on a child's face with a small bag of candy.
If you want to feel beautiful do something nice for someone who can't do for themselves.
Like the lady in the store she not only helped someone but when looking at her face she was the most beautiful person I saw that day. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanks Giving Disasters

We are all gearing up for the holidays! The family is coming and we have decorated our tables and cleaned our house. We have shopped for the turkey and all the fixings. We think everything is going to go great and most of the time it does. There are those times when it doesn't work out the way we plan and we end up eating closer to bed time then dinner.  how much fun it is to look back on that.
It wasn't funny at the time but one year my Grandmother forgot to turn the oven on. Wondered why we didn't smell turkey? Another time I was told a time to come and when I got there everyone was leaving. Oh they changed the time and thought I would know. I can remember making my turkey in the microwave one year too. It was actually pretty good. I just didn't have any way to make the rest of the meal. 
I want to hear about your Turkey day adventures! Tell me good or bad I'd love to hear about your Thanks giving traditions, things you love, things you hate. 

News Letter

Friday, November 12, 2010

Monday, November 8, 2010

Whos in Charge of Your Product Use

I was talking to a friend just today and she exclaimed how she wasn't going to use any more chemicals on her body any more. I was in agreement with her but also told her to be careful about what she reads and what is so called bad cosmetics.

Her and I have been hairdressers for over 20 years and we both have many friends who are also in the beauty industry. I thought about what she said right before I left. She said that the FDA and Government is trying to poison us. I must say I disagree. I believe that we poison ourselves all the time. One example is taking prescribed drugs from a doctor. On a personal note I took a drug for many years that was prescribed to me by a doctor. Many years after I was taking this drug I got a letter from the FDA. It announced that this drug has been link with blindness. Upon getting this letter I contacted my doctor and met with him. His response was (well I believe that the benifit out weigh the risk). Really!!! I thought. Hmm my sight or being dead what would be a better choice for me. I think I will take death.

I then started doing a lot of research and found studies done that claim a vitamin would help my racing heart, and I could take this in high doses to control my disease. You bet I threw out those nasty pills that caused everything from hardening of the lungs to liver disease. ( that is only 2 of the 3 pages of things this so called cure pill had) I then bought a vitamin and wow I feel so much better now.

This is one example but we also have botox that is lethal yet we use it to get rid of wrinkles.
It is not the FDA or the government who makes products their job is only to police products made. If you think about it why would you want them more involved. Any product that is reported causing a problem is removed from the shelves. The company must submit the claims made by the company. These are then evalutated by the FDA, CIR not to mention other departments that govern each kind of product.

If the government groups begin to approve each thing before it is released to the public you will be paying very high inflated prices for everything, including lipstick, eyeliner, toothpaste, vitamins ext. Just like the drug companies must submit studies and do studies before any product is released to the public. Hence the high cost of drugs.
I personaly like having the choice of what I want to use and am very happy with all the product I have used in the past. If cosmetics were so dangerous and things like parabens, and propylene glycol  those items would be found not safe and have to be removed from product.

Look at accutane an anti acne prescribed drug. It is making people sick, it was studied but clearly not enough. Now they are allowing lawsuits to be claimed against the company because the product is causing things that their testing didn't show, nor did they claim these on the package of side effects.
It becomes a fine line between having the government control something or having them monitor something. We must be careful and remember that in letting our government claim control will take our freedom to choose away.

So by now you are wondering what my point is. Well I know many of you feel the way my friend does an I too am not into using un-necessary chemicals. I also create products with safe and trusted ingredients. The point is that you must do your own research. Be very careful not to read too much that is spattered all over the internet. Don't believe because it says Dr. so and so because they can be paid to promote a product or to say bad things about an ingredient and they will. If you got paid to tell everyone it was raining and never sunny and you got paid a lot of money to do that you would. You would also do the best you could at it if you got a bonus for making others believe you.

I must say I like having choices and I do all my own research for my products and anything I put in or on my body. I go to a pharmacists, real doctors and many more non involved individuals for information.
Want to read more about products whats good for you and what isn't with real science behind it. Go to Personal Care 

I don't feel that the FDA or CIR need to be more involved but may be try to educate people more. Consumers need to know what things are and what they do. The FDA or government aren't trying to poison us but some companies think they are trying to cure us with the poison they introduce without really researching things. Getting back to basics and to nature is a good way.You are the only one in control of what you do to your body Not the government and lets keep it that way.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Fall Pressed Silk Eye Shades by Pony Dust Cosmetics

What are we up to?

Show season is up and running in our area then off I go to South Carolina (just when it get cool yay) to watch my step son graduate from basic training. It will be a nice trip and a much needed time out.
We have been creating so much great stuff and I have not had the time to list any of these wonderful creations.
The top product release is our Pit Juice a natural and very fresh scented deodorant that everyone who has tried it loves. It is good for those who have had breast cancer as it does not have anything in it to stop your natural flora and lets you sweat. It has sodium carbonate to absorb orders and essential oil blend to fight bacteria.
When  I first started using this deodorant I thought well it doesn't work I stunk. A friend who uses natural deodorant told me it takes a while for your body to adjust and at first you have to put it on all the time but after a few days once and done.  I am there and find that I love it.

We have changed our minerals to a pressed powder. I got sick of all those little sifter containers and the sifter covers coming off. The leaking and not to mention the labels. Millions of little labels everywhere and the keeping them straight. These pressed powders are pressed with our pressing solution of fractionated coco nut oil, jojoba oil, dimethicome, cyclomethicone and  polysorbate to hold it all together.
If you have ever used Motive or Matrix's cosmetics these are comparable. I am not sure but believe Motives is actually manufactured by Mac cosmetics.
Our mineral eyeshadow formula is creamy yet goes on dry and silky smooth. Our silky eye shades minerals are listed on the site and you can purchase them in the 2 gram size. I have some in screw cap pots but will be replacing them in a flip top silver pot. I found my eyeshadow pans fit better in the flip top.

You can also get a silk shadow Pony dot sample. I will be listing them as a 9 shade set. Each pressed silky shadow is .50 grams and will be available in a small clear compact. We will also be selling our silk shades in a quad you can mix and match. I will be trying to list them this weekend. Plus add more colors. Our entire pallet has changed so those of you who have joined the eyeshadow club will be getting new samples soon.

Our newest Colors are the Fall 2010 Collection of bright deep and very bold colors. You can wear them together or with other shadow shades. They are meant to be worn in combination as eyeliner and shadow.The entire collection is $26.50 You can also get them in single pots and buy just the colors you want.
These are a great way to add a bit of color to your every day make-up and try something new
Single pots are $9.99

We have many other colors listed and will have more in the next few weeks. See you all next time. Oh and be sure to check out our Body Butter Sale. Makes a great Christmas gift.

Fall Sale on all Whipped Body Butters

Craig and I are going away and when we return I will be getting my holiday gift baskets together. I am adding new scents and some holiday items. Bath melts and fun soapy scrubs. I will not be attending any shows from now until December and have a huge inventory.

I would love to get this inventory down a bit before the busy traveling I will be doing in November.

So for everyone who visits my face book you can join in this great sale and get luxurious lotions for less than half  of what they are usually priced at.
Check this terrific sale out at my shop. Pony Dust Cosmetics
This Sale ends November 1st at 6am so I have time to send them before I leave for our trip.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Having Dry Skin How do you Cure It?

Get this having dry skin is a big pain. Not that having any kind of skin problem isn't and here I will try to help you with some tips and tricks that may help dry facial skin.
Dry skin tends to have very small pores and most people are under the impression that using a scrub is a bad idea. That is just not so. It is very important to get the dead dry skin off .

Using and mild scrub will remover dead cells and flaky skin leaving new skin on the surface. This is when you need to deep condition your skin. Don't just rub your moisturizer on actually rub it in. If you can find a facial massager and work that moisturizer in that is great. This should be done 2 to 3 times a week. Use a heavy moisturizer at night after using a daily cleanser and toner. Why toner? It's no just for oily skin toner is a cleanser that will finish getting all the dirt and oil off your skin. It will if you use the right type open pores so you can basically shove the moisturizer into your deep tissues.
Always use an SPF of some type. I don't care what those tree huggers say about sun screen. There are many natural sun screens available and you will pay a higher price if that makes you more comfortable. Just don't go without it on your face ever.
Use your moisturizer according to directions and always spot test any new products on the inside of your arm before applying to you face. You may have an allergy you never knew you had and this is a much better place to have it than on your face. 
If you keep having problems with your skin and can't seem to get any results you may need to drink more water. Yes I know  water yuk. add some lemon or a table spoon of fruit juice and make it taste better. Just make sure you get lots of it.
Vitamin E must come with vitamin C to be effective in a lotion so check to be sure there are both.
Grape seed oil and olive oil are both great for facial tissues as they are loaded with antioxidants and help fight free radicals. They also are very softening. We all want our cheeks to be baby butt soft and these are just a few ways to concur dry skin. Don't be afraid to hydrate that skin or scrub it. No point in trying to put moisture in if your have dried up skin over top all the little pores that need to have moisture. You must clean them out fully before the moisture will ever get in.
Try our Rose Hip Oil Moisturizer or Daily Facial moisturizer for after scrubbing.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Caffeine in your Cosmetics

Did you know your skin plums with caffeine. Thats right your skin will plump up and drink in the caffeine that is in your cosmetics. I have developed a whipped lip butter that will do just that.
It should be listed in my shop this week. Just waiting for labels and time to take pictures.

Also new are our  Pony Kisses Lip Butter tubes. This is a fun sweet lip butter in some yummy creamy flavors. They are sweet and I am using fructose to sweeten them with. Yes I know the calories but it doesn't have the bitter taste of  stevia and I can use much less to make them sweet. If you want a none sugared lip balm just let me know. That is the best thing about having a custom cosmetic company working for you.

Hand crafted cosmetics are more custom, try that with any other large cosmetic company and see what you get.
If you don't see something I have or you have ideas for a product just let us know. We will do our best to develop a perfect cosmetic for you.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shower Fun Getting Soapy

 Whipped Soaps
They are ready! Get one in your favorite scent. Don't see one you like just contact me and I will see what I can do.

 Be sure when putting this on your puff you don't ring the puff out. In order to get lots of soapy lather you need to have water on your puff. This soap is made from a wonderful glycerin based soap so you can use it on your face as well as you body. It leave your skin soft and rinses clean.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Whipped Soaps With a Twist

Yes we are getting ready to release our wonderful Whipped soaps. An all natural glycerin soap base with shea butter and grape seed oil to leave your skin soft smooth and clean.
Made in yummy scents to wake you up. We are having such a great time creating these that we use more than we bottle.
I should have them done by next week for everyone.
Looking forward to introduce them. Our excitement is very high as our testers have sent in great reviews and love them.
I also created a Facial scrub that rinses clean and really gets the dead skin cells and crud off your face.
These all will be introduced and I will keep you up dated as to when I get them up on my site.
We will be discontinuing our butter cream cleansers. Don't worry though these are so much better and so soapy and fun you will love them.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Amazing Results Of Pony Dust Body Butter

For the first time last week I used my own body butter. Yeah I know. I have so many different lotions and potions that I haven't really had the experiance of my own Whipped body butter. I have tested it on my hands and some on my arms but never slathered it all over my body and feet until last week. I finally have finished all my lotions up and some I just threw away because the were so old.
I usually send my samples of each item to my sister and grandmother to try. I also let my customers from my shop try them.

Up until last week I have not really used any of the new formula.
Here is what I found. I put the strawberry scented lotion on and immediately felt a difference. The feel was like I had just gave my skin a drink. The results were amazing on my severely dry legs and feet. I put the lotion on while watching tv in the evening. In the morning my legs were not scaly and dry. I didn't wake up in the night scratching my legs or rubbing my feet.
The next day I put more on my feet. I had a busy day on my feet at my hair salon and not one time did i have that feeling of tightness I usually get.
I have had many clients rave to me about how much they like my new formula. I was only going to have for the summer. I will be using this formula from now on. It is amazing and feels so good. If it can keep my legs from looking like scaly dry alligator skin then this stuff is good. Now it is the only lotion I will be using.

I also used it Sunday on my sun burn that I got while getting my horses shod. It felt so good and took the sting out like magic. I recommend trying some today.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Buy one get One Free Cosmetics

 Two For Tuesday
Buy one get one of the same item free. Choose the scent or color of your second item.

Whats up in Pony Dust land. Well we will be in the sample boxes this month for both Sampler village and Out of the Box. We are so excited to be part of these great treats. Be sure to Look up our video on the boxes. There is so much in each box it is well worth the price.
Now Pony Dust is doing wholesale. Be sure to visit for terms and conditions.
A few new videos will be coming out at our U-Tube channel. Looking forward to getting great quick make up tips out for you.
New lip balms are in the making as well as many other products. The coming soon section will be filled with lots of new items.
Check back often for our up coming list of new items.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pony Dust Cosmetics Off To Boston

May is Birthday month here in our house hold. When I say house hold I mean between my sister, her children, me, my Gram, and a few cousins. We all celebrate a birthday between April 30th and June 15. Most of us are right in May. It makes it very hectic for weekends and with mothers day to top it off  I am exhausted. I couldn't eat another piece of cake if you shoved it down my throat.
For my 40th birthday I got a new computer. A much needed more powerful computer. Thank you Hubby!!!
Now I need to do some catching up with you all. I have been working hard to get my files on my new computer and organized.
I want to let you know that I will be in the Sampler Village boxes and Out of the Box sampler both june and july. Be sure to check out my video on the boxes.
Craft show season has begun so I will be very busy getting my jewelry ready for the big show. I hope to take my Pony Dust on the road as well. Weekends will be very hectic but I will respond to any e-mails or comments upon my return. Please don't worry if I am not right here.
I have been doing a venue workshop on my other blog that you might be interested in if you are a crafter. Check it out Here be sure to leave a comment on this blog and put you link and description on the handcrafted page. Nice for exposure and free.
This weekend Craig and I are going to Boston to visit his family. The country girl in the big city a sight you might say all it's own. I will try to take lots of pictures. I often forget as my mouth hangs open and I stare in disbelief all the time I am there.

We leave Friday so this maybe my last post until next week. You all take care and have a great weekend.

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Winner of Our Mothers Day Pony Pail

Congratulations to the winner of our Pony Pail for Mothers Day. Not only is she a mom but it's her birthday.
Emily also has a shop on Artfire You can see her Exquisite Studios where she has beautiful jewelry designs. Emily is a very helpful and active seller on artfire and is loved by everyone. Stop by her shop and take a look you will love it.
Emily took the time and signed up on my site for an chance to win. I keep my drawings simple so everyone has a chance. Any information obtained is for our promotional purposes only. We do not share your information for any reason. Here at Pony Dust Cosmetics everyone is a winner. All participants will receive a coupon for future purchases. I want to thank everyone who joined in it was fun.

We here at Pony Dust love to have these little drawing for our customers.
Please be sure to Like our Face book and become a member of our blog for our next drawing.

Follow our twitter too.. Lots of great things happen over there. We like to share news and other fun fabulous finds. Not to mention our great twitter give a ways. Tweet with us Here

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Beauty In the Stick The Hat

It seems to me as I am getting dressed I don't really like getting up early and heading off to work. It may be that I am out of practice but the wardrobe I get to ware is more than acceptable. I grab a pair of long johns and throw a pair of loose jeans over them. Who ever invented Under Armor is my hero and will be until I move to Arizona.
My hair and what to do with that at 6 am. Oh no problem I will grab a hat. Now witch one should I ware. I go for the one with the dodge truck emblem on it because it's my favorite and I look good waring it. I love my truck and the hat. No need to comb the hair no one but the horses will see me any way. How pretty but I just want to get this done so I can go soak my head in my coffee cup. Off I go to the barn. The air is crisp and the sun is just licking at the field in the distance. The frost is shimmering like it was sprinkled with glitter. I can see my breath as I walk into the barn.
I walk the horse from the barn to the turn out and he is just so eager to grab a bit of grass that he is about dragging me. I get him out and walk back into the barn to be greeted by a small white kitty that is just so happy to see me. I pick her up and carry her while I gather the needed utensils for my horse duties. I then begin and my mind becomes so clean I can't even tell you what I think.
The few minutes it takes me to clean the stall is like going into another dimension where there is no internet, people, problems or worries.
I finish my task and dump the wheel barrow full of manure. The scent is sweet to me as it is to many of us crazy horse people. The morning sun has warmed it up since I started this task 15 minutes ago. The birds are chirping and the frost has now become dancing drops of water.
I check everything and go get the horse. I walk slowly with him to the outside edge of the field so he can munch on the tall grass that grows there. He is happy and I am content to do this all day. The morning air is fresh and the sun is shining bright. We walk back to the barn give treats and one more quick sweep to the foot prints the horse and I brought in.
As I head for my car I feel how warm the sun is on my face as it dances between the new spring leaves. Walking by the waste pile I see a few robins bouncing happily with their treasured morning meal. The sun is warming my face and I smile. Life is good I am happy. My life is good I want this day to last.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pony Dust Cosmetics Next Contest

Easy to enter just add your name to Anyone who becomes a member of this blog is put in the drawing twice. All you have to do is follow my blog and you will be given 2 #s for a better chance at winning.

We have packed a Pony Pail with as much as we can fit in it. It's a great prize to use or give as a gift for mothers day. See some of the great items here.

A Customers Review of Our Cosmetics

I wanted to share with you the review I got from the winner of our Easter Bucket Contest. Keira is from Canada and has had time to use some of her winnings. The basket was full of our best products. Here is what she had to say.

It all started with a contest... I was lucky enough to win one of pony Dust Cosmetics prize packs and wow! The lip tint is superb offering a slight colour amp but doesn't dry out your lips like other tints I have purchased in the past! I literally just tried the silky conditioner and I'm just so impressed. My ends aren't dry!!!. I have a feeling that those major companies put way too much artificial stuff that actually dries you out more. Very very satisfied and will be using your conditioner from this point on! Just wow! Thanks!!!! -Keira
Be sure to check out her great creations on Etsy. she is very talented and a wonderful dear person.
                              These are so cute too.

Monday, April 5, 2010

New Spring Line of Make up and Lotions

Now listed Summer Lotion Formula Click on photo
Wait for the items coming up next. Oh yeah spring scents are coming. New spring colored cosmetics and some really nice blush and body shimmers. Soon to be listed on my site. Don't for get to follow my blog and site to get the up dates. Makes it easier than trying to find me again.
Although the weather here is not very spring like with snow falling as I write this post. I am geared up for the nice weather heading our way. I have created a wonderful lilac body butter geared towards sun burn relief. Not a sun block but a soothing butter with. Aloe, Shea, and Coco nut oil. All great relievers of sun burn. Allantoin to help damaged skin and panthanol to help restore moisture.
Our new blushes and some great eye colors are will be listed soon too. Pure Pigments for a shimmery summer look.

To Be Listed Soon
These are just a few of the up coming items. I will get them listed as soon as I can. Be sure to follow our blog so you get up dates to when they are released. It is exciting to be one of the first with an inside view of what is coming up.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Winner Is!!

Congratulations to Keira Morgan of Canada 
Who was randomly drawn from the 24 registered participants of our March Easter Bucket. In this bucket Keira is receiving a 2oz shampoo and condition, a yummy soap from my sisters shop, 5 full size eye shadows, a full size body butter, and 2 lip tints. Keira also has a shop on etsy and a blog. Be sure to check her out and see the very beautiful hand crafted items she has.

Our next event will be coming up soon so be sure to check back often for whats coming. Thank you everyone for participating and playing along. Everyone is a winner all participants will receive a coupon to use in my Studio. Once again a big thank you!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Bucket Give Away

I will Announce the winner Tomorrow March 30th of our Easter Bucket. It was fun  and I am excited to announce the winner. Look for up dates on new give a ways coming up. Our Spring bucket sale and our wonderful mothers day prizes.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Product Samples

Spring has sprung and I am so happy.
Happy Spring Everyone. I think it should be a federal holiday. Cabin Fever set in about a month ago and all I want to do is crawl in a whole with the bears and sleep until it's nice out. Well we have had 2 really nice days here in Pennsylvania. Nice enough for me to walk my dogs for more than 10 minutes.
So let me get to it. As you my know I am having a give away. Information is in the post below this one. Be sure to sign up.
I have also signed up on 2 other sites for Sample boxes and you really should get in on this. You men out there who really don't know what to get your sweet heart or mom this is a great opportunity to show off your resourcefulness.
Samples come in each box and are from many different shops or hand made websites. What a great way to find out who makes what. For a small fee you can get one of these wonderful boxes filled with all kinds of great items. Look below for both the shops that are doing the sample boxes.
Sample Village goes on sale today                  

The other Sample Box Website I am involved with is Out Of  The Box. They have a great following and will be selling there boxes for April soon. This is a great way to try some other goodies that are in their venue.

Both places will have my samples and others. With spring here and Easter right around the corner it is a great way to get a gift box filled with all kinds of yummy stuff. Don't delay these boxes sell quickly and they will be gone before you know it. Check them out today and mark your calender for the dates they begin to sell.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Up Coming Beauty Product Contest

You can enter to win a great gift bucket for an early Easter gift for your self or someone else. How to enter. You can go to my site and fill our the form. One entry per person but you can be entered for each purchase you make. Any items purchased between now and March 20th will add your name to the bucket again. So the more you purchase the better your chance of winning.

Now I know you are saying but I don't really have a lot of money now. Well you don't have to purchase a big item. I have eye shadow samples available in many colors. You can purchase a lotion in your favorite scent. It is something you will use every day. You will not want to miss this.

Whats in the bucket? You will receive a lip tint, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, 5 eye shadows and a wonderful soap. Eye shadows are a small size, lotion is a 4oz, shampoo and conditioner in a 2oz bottle, and 2 lip tint tubes, also a sample size soap
Don't miss your chance to win this great Bucket and be sure to grab some essentials and get your name in the Drawing. Comment Here to leave you e-mail or go to  home page to fill out the drawing form. Become a Follower of this blog and I will add your name twice.
 Good Luck!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I've Learned from the Best

I have learned from the best everything I know. 20 years of product knowledge from the top professional hair stylist. Matrix, Aveda, Gold Well,Big Sexy Hair, and the very best Nexxus. They just can't hold me now. After years of listening to these companies tell me that they will not stand for diversion I find myself standing in a store with a shelf dedicated just for these companies products.  How they got there I do not know. I have called these companies on many occasions only to get we will look into it. Then a report comes out in our professional news letters that these are old products and not the same as what we are buying. The hub around the hairstylist sink is all about how they are selling out dated products. Yeah Right that's legal!

What a bunch of Bull Shit and I am sick of it. I took things into my own hands and did my research. I ordered ingredients and tested them to see what they could and would do. Then I started to create them. Sure I have had a few things that needed to go down the drain. For the most part though I have had many successful products.
I want my products to get out in the real world and be professional for the profession. That was Matrix motto and I think some where they lost it. Maybe when the founder died so did his idea. To make it a professional product for the small salon owner. I would like to know what happen to that. Why is it nexxus is now on every chain store shelf. They reported they were going public with their product a few years back so I quit using it. Now I am left with the new not so famous names and to tell you the truth they just don't sell. I am saddened to see dead head at the Wies Market why I ask you is this happening.
As a professional I have not used store bough hair anything in over 19 years. I did after first getting out of beauty school go back to pantene but it just isn't a good product. They do not compare to professional products and by far are not created equally.
So all I want to know is why? Why go public with something that has been professional for so long. Who wins the public or the professional?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Eye Shadow Sample Club For Life Cosmetics

Get sample packets now for life. That's right you can pay one price and get samples sent to you every month or when ever a new color comes out. How wonderful this is when you just can't tell what a color looks like on. Try before you buy is a great way to know just what color you want.
Each sample comes in a zip lock bag and holds1/8 tsp. Enough to try a few times. Only $8.00 this will get you 10 sample your first time and many more to come after that.

                                    Buy Here  Sample Packets Club

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Whats Comming Up Next

Whats New At Pony Tails The newest addition to our product line will be shaving cream. Yes I have perfected it finally. My pore husband to be has had to shave almost every day to try my products out. He finally loves this one and I can't wait to get it all mixed up, bottled and labeled for you to try. This product is a great shaving cream or facial wash. Rich think and moisturizing. It has great slip stays where you put it and give a cooling effect that almost as my fiance says makes your hair stand up so it's easier to shave.

Edible body oils will be announce this week also. Finishing up some yummy flavors for your sweety on valentines day. A wonderful chocolate sauce to pour all over you and lick off. Spice up your relationship and moisturize your skin all in one session. They will be packaged in small one ounce sizes so you can try more than one flavor. Makes a great gift for wedding showers, bachelorett  party's, or that special some one you would like to get close to.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Eagles Mere Toboggan Slide

No the slide has not been built yet. It will be built this weekend. No rides will be given until the following weekend so don't bother coming. It takes all weekend and part of the next week to complete this so don't come up and get in the way.
We will be happy to have you all the next weekend as we are looking so forward to the traffic.
See you all the 23rd of January.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

How Do You Keep Your Eye Liner In Place

That is really a very good questions I was asked. One way is to use a water proof eyeliner. They have come a long way from the ones we used to have to heat on the end. Still your skin produces oils during the day or evening and will begin to melt the eyeliner. Here is a few tricks I use that work well.

First I cover my entire lid and lower lid with a light colored powder, usually one that is one shade lighter then my foundation. If you are more mature or have dark circles this is also a great choice as it helps to hide some of that. After applying the powder apply the eyeliner. You now can do one of 2 things. Apply a mineral eye shadow over the top of it or use a finishing powder to set all of your make up. That should keep it in place for at least 6 hours or more.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bad Hair Cut Who's Fault is it.

How did you get that bad hair cut? 

It all starts when you first sit in the chair. I myself have had my hair cut not the way I wanted it. It seems that miss-communication is the culprit and it is easy to just not get what you want. How does this happen when you just said you wanted a trim but left with your hair 4 inches shorter than it was.
I have even made mistakes either because my client sat silent in the chair or I miss understood what they wanted because they made to many contradictory request.
For instance my sister tells me she wants her hair layered but not short. So I take off about 2 inches and layer it for her only for me to get finished and she tells me she wanted shorter layers. Was she watching me cut her hair? Didn't she see how much I took off? So I had to do it all over again.
When in the stylist chair be clear go into detail as to what you want. Take a picture with you. It's best to get an idea of what also will work with your hair type, face shape and your build. It all helps when trying to get that great hair cut. Communicate what you want and make sure you are decided on a style. Don't just think your stylist understand what you want when you say things like. " I want something new but not any shorter" Hmm what does that mean? Here is a site that can help you find just what you need for your face shape and lots of styles to give you and your stylist a great way to give you a hair cut that is best for you.
You can print out hairstyles to give to your hairstylist from this Great Website.
Also pay attention to what the stylist is doing. If you think were she is cutting it is too short have her or him go longer, it can always be cut shorter later. Remember to listen to what the stylist suggest. It is their business and they do know a thing or two about cutting hair. All these tips will give you a great chance at not only getting a good cut but one that is suited for your life style and your features. Then after you have that great hair cut, leave a tip. It is always appreciated.