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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Where Did Chritmas Go?

I am not a lover of Christmas. The hustle and bustle that makes me crazy just before the holiday. Before you think oh she's  a Grinch let me say. I love spending time with my family. I just love playing with my nieces and enjoying there surprises on that day.
I am not a shopper and have always hated going to the mall or any department store. This year was a challenge because I just couldn't find anything I really wanted to get my family. Every store was out of everything I wanted to purchase. The stores did not stock according to what they would sell. (wonder how that would work for my business?) They put things on sale, I even got e-mails for coupons for items they didn't have and I could not order. UHH I was so unhappy. I found the customer service lacking to say the least. To many of them standing around looking busy when it was apparent that people needed help. One of the worst stores I was in that this happen was Best Buy. I think Staples was next they didn't have a thing in stock 2 weeks before Christmas.

So we start right after thanks giving and sometimes Halloween with the sales pitches for Christmas, the music, and decorations. By the end of November I am sick of looking at it. Tired of asking everyone what they want and so forth. It's the beginning of December until I do anything with my shop for Christmas and maybe this is wrong but I don't want to make my clients feel I am shoving my stuff down their throat for 8 weeks prior to the holiday.
Now Christmas has come and gone. I have time to relax and enjoy but no Christmas anything in site. I want to listen to Christmas music and watch some of the shows I never get to see before it gets here. Nothing on tv but trash. Some  of my favorites are rudoff and frosty, others include the family stone and old man winter (haven't seen that in years)
I am putting the tree away today, I have to fold it in half and put it in the ribbon box all done. I just wish I could find a nice Christmas story to watch these nights that I now have time to sit and watch.
I will have to dig out my movies and see what I have. Make a cup of hot chocolate and rub some yummy body butter on my legs and feet and enjoy my short relaxing time.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Up Coming Give Away Will Be Big See How To Get In On It

So we know that after the holidays everyone will be exhausted and ready for a huge break. Going back to work after having a long stretch of time off is very stressful. Here at Pony Dust we want to keep you informed of whats going on in the easiest way possible. What do you have to do to find out whats going on. Simple!
Make a comment here and then become a member of this blog. Why make a comment? So I can match your information with my members.
It's that easy. We will then keep you posted as to what is going to be happening in the next month. We have some surprises and a great way for you to keep in touch with us.  Learn about new products, shows, what sample boxes we will be in next month. Give a ways and free samples.
I am looking for 200 members once I get to that # I will put all the names into a randomize generator to choose a lucky person to win this Facial Gift Basket! Worth $30.00. Lots of goodies including our facial moisturizer and a facial scrub and wash in a cute holiday box.
This way when the holidays are over you can simply just log in to your google account and see what is going on. We are going to be giving away samples, and a large gift basket worth 75.00 in bath and beauty products. Want to be the first to know about it just become a member. I will not be doing a drawing for the facial basket until we have 200 members so share this blog post with your social community and e-mail it to friends you think would like to win it too.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Bold New Line at

I have some new designs up in my studio.
These are the few I have left from fall to winter.
You can purchase them at

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pony Dust Wishes All A Happy Holiday

Have a Very Happy Holiday Season.
Be safe and remember to smile in these last few days of hustle and bustle. Enjoy yourself and your family activities.
This season comes and goes so quickly we often forget to just enjoy.
I am actually going to take Sunday off to do nothing but a load of laundry.
I hope you will enjoy a day to yourself as well.
Remember not to eat to much and drink plenty of water.
Things don't always have to be perfect for your family.They aren't perfect either and it will be the same as last year. Its all the same family and they will look past the little flaws in the dinner rolls you forgot to put on the table. Better yet how about that gift you shorted on wrapping paper. LOL  It seems to happen to just one doesn't it.
Have a really great time I will see you all back here after this busy weekend.
Don't forget to sign up to our News Letter. We have something very special coming for the new year.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Maybe This Is What I Should Do When I Grow Up

On Monday I transformed my salon into a handmade shop. I love it so much I would love to leave it this way. I love the way it smells it sounds and feels.

It only took 2 tables and a few screws to make my little hair salon a craft bonanza. I had my Grandma bring her sweater over and hang them from any hook we could find. I arranged my jewelry on a table and my frames. It looks and feels just like a little craft shop. My Mother and sister are supposed to bring more things today, I can't wait. I only wish I could keep it this way.
I had 3 people pop in one bought lotion and the others wanted hair cuts. Funny that when I said I couldn't they didn't even notice that my shop was completely changed.
I am hopping to be busier today with people as my ad was in the paper last week. It was not cheap and looked great. I had a few people tell me they saw it and would be over. It will be in the paper again tomorrow and may jog everyone's memory that I am there with my crafts. I could have done it on the weekend but I was very busy with hair on Saturday and had to do my shopping.
Today I will work on all my Christmas baskets for my family. If there is anything left at the end of these few days I am going to have a give a way starting the day after Christmas. We will announce them in our news letter so be sure to sign up.
I really would love to bag the hair salon all together and may try one of these little sales again in January to see if this is something that may work for me. I am ready to do something new and really get into my creative side.
My Santa helper days will end Wednesday December 23 then it's back to cutting hair again. I look forward to seeing those of you who live in our area. Come in grab a basket fill it with goodies and I will decorate it so you have a wonderful handmade gift.
So Come on in Open 1 to 7pm Today and Tomorrow. We will be waiting for you.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pony Dust Feature In Towanda

We have recently been ask to have our products in a shop located in Towanda, Pa. We are so excited to be part of this very unique and necessary shop. Dry Goods Plus and Deli is located on main street in  Towanda. We met with Cindy the owner and found her to be very personable. We had a wonderful conversation and Cindy is a smart business women.
The store is open Monday-Friday 7am to 6pm and Saturday 9am to 4pm
Cindy is right on the corner at a traffic light and you can park on the side street. Easy to get to and wow she has some great items. The choices are unlimited and everything you could want is there. My fiance found some yummy peanut brittle and roasted corn flower. Craig and I are cooks so we of course love fresh herbs and spices. This is a great place to find just about anything you want.
While I was there the deli was also busy and I saw one of their sandwich wraps being made and that looked really good. Lots of meat and cheese and fresh made on the spot. I must say I am happy to have my fancy macaroon bubble bath in her shop.
I want to thank Cindy for contacting me to include my creations in her wonderful establishment. I am honored and delighted to be part of Cindy's business.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Little Elf Helper

Every year I go through the same old thing at Christmas. I just hate shopping for other people, I am not good at it. I am never sure what others like what size they are or if they would actually need it. I know gifts are not supposed to be something someone needs but a wish they would like to have. I guess it is just hard for me to spend money on something that someone may not want and just stuff it away in a closet.
Last year I made everyone shampoo conditioner and facial gift baskets and everyone loved them. The year before I gave jewelry I made. This year I am making up gift baskets again with all my special bath and body items.
Our whipped soaps and body butters and of course our new bubble bath macaroons and including lip balms. Easy peezy as I have to make it up any way for some orders and my Elf days at my salon.
Elf days at my salon are December 20,21,22 I will have baskets ready to fill for 3 days from 12pm to 7pm phone orders are also accepted up until those times. This is for pick up or delivery in my area only.
We have a limited amount of baskets so get yours now before it's too late.
A gift basket with handcrafted products says you care to find that special gift. The only thing you need to do is let me know what scent and how much you would like to spend. I will whip you up a wonderful decorated basket ready to go.
My family will love them and we are making fresh products every day.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Beauty Questions Answered Here

Do you have a beauty question you would like to have answered. Want to know how to keep your mascara from running down your cheeks?
Is you hair flat but not sure what you can do to give it body.
If you have questions I can help.
As a hair stylist and makeup artist for over 20 years I have done it all. Even though I live in the woods we like to look good too.

I have worked with photographers and models. (you know the models that do calendars for the NRA)
My salon has participated with local fashion shows that we do yearly with our local women center and victim services.  Not to mention my love of making up my friends and working with brides at my salon.

I am often not sure what you as my reader would like to know about so help me out and ask questions.
Please keep them beauty or product related but ask away.  Ask you questions in the comments area and I will write a post about it. Be sure to follow this blog so you can get an answer to your question.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fancy Bubble Macaroons Getting Better

Now since my last little experiment I think I have improved what do you think? I worked really hard on the mint chocolate ones. I have to say that working with soap is not like working with the real thing. So my drizzles are more drops but they smell good enough to eat.

 My Fancy macaroons have really turned out great. Making them is so much fun too. I am so glad I tried these out. I will have a menu up soon so you can see what scents I have and what kind of decadent soapy items I have. These would make a great gift for almost anything including birthdays, wedding favors, batchlorete party's,thank you gifts and of course hostess gift. These are decorated for the holidays including New years. That is right around the corner too.
So what do you think of my new creations? You will have to let me know leave a comment below and be sure to check them out. I will be working hard to get more scents and colors up. I have to admit I ran out of a few of my ingredients so I am going to be a few days before I can get to them. I can't wait!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Whats Prowling On Your Puff?

A few years ago I had a client complaining about a rash she had. It seemed to be getting worse every time I saw her for a hair cut. She had gone to a dermatologist and they took a scrap of skin to see what they could find.
My client stopped using soaps of any kind on her body because the doctor thought it could be an allergic reaction. This went on for quite sometime and she seem to get rid of it one week and the next it was back.

I asked her what she used to wash with. Her reply was nothing I stopped using anything and don't even use perfume any more.  No I said what do you use a wash cloth, puff, or loofah. Oh she reply's a puff and sometimes my loofah.
So I asked her a few more questions. How old are they? Where do you keep them when you are finished showering? and When was the last time you washed them in the dish washer or replaced them.
she said she usually used them at least a month or more and never thought to wash them.
I told her to throw them away and us a new wash cloth ever time she showered. In a week her skin started to clear up and the rash never returned. She did have to you a bacterial cream for about 2 weeks but it has never come back.
Here's the deal, after showering or bathing shake as much water out of your puff as you can. Take your puff out of the shower or tub. Keep it in a place it can dry or dry it with a towel. Be sure to dip your loofah or puff in bleach and rinse if you plan on using it more than a week. Keeping it dry when not in use will keep it from forming mold, mildew and bacteria. These can lead to staph (Staphylococcus aureus)
infections like the one my client had. This is not something you want and can be very serious. Because puffs are fairly cheap I would replace it weekly if you use it daily.
If you notice a rash and have not changed soaps get a new loofah or sponge right away and if the rash doesn't go away see your doctor.
In short it is best to keep anything you use on your skin clean and free of bacteria.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bubble Bath Macaroon Experiment Gone Wild

wow guess what I did today? I made a new product and had a blast. It was raining when I got up so I grabbed all my things to take down stairs so I could get to work. I wanted to finish an on going order and finish organizing my shop for the holiday basket sale I am having.

Well I got watching a video while drinking my coffee and taking a break. Next thing I know I am pulling out bowls and ingredients to mix up some of this stuff. Well of course I am always into making things better. Fist I mixed up my ingredients and did what the video said to. I then put the little tarts into the pan and stuck them in the freezer. (impatient I am) I then turned them over to try to remove them but had no luck. They were so hard I could use them to shoot out of a gun. I then re melted the entire batch. I added a few more ingredients that I thought would be much better and wa la I have a great bubble bath macaroon.
Ok so my first ones don't look that great but I got some great ideas from looking at some website of macaroons and they will only get better. I am so excited about this. I just wish I had a tub. I would love to use these and would be in the tub every night soaking away my aching bones. I did take a few for my shower tomorrow morning. I have to try these out they smell so terrific.

We have wrapped them up in a great holiday bag with a snow man. They will come in many scents and I hope you will check them out as we will be adding more as the days go on. I would also like to mention these will be in our gift baskets. They make great stocking stuffer s and I have made some holiday ones too. I have measured them out to 1 oz so you will need to use 1 or 2 per bath.
Check them out one my site. These will not be the ones you get but a much prettier batch.