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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Amazing Results Of Pony Dust Body Butter

For the first time last week I used my own body butter. Yeah I know. I have so many different lotions and potions that I haven't really had the experiance of my own Whipped body butter. I have tested it on my hands and some on my arms but never slathered it all over my body and feet until last week. I finally have finished all my lotions up and some I just threw away because the were so old.
I usually send my samples of each item to my sister and grandmother to try. I also let my customers from my shop try them.

Up until last week I have not really used any of the new formula.
Here is what I found. I put the strawberry scented lotion on and immediately felt a difference. The feel was like I had just gave my skin a drink. The results were amazing on my severely dry legs and feet. I put the lotion on while watching tv in the evening. In the morning my legs were not scaly and dry. I didn't wake up in the night scratching my legs or rubbing my feet.
The next day I put more on my feet. I had a busy day on my feet at my hair salon and not one time did i have that feeling of tightness I usually get.
I have had many clients rave to me about how much they like my new formula. I was only going to have for the summer. I will be using this formula from now on. It is amazing and feels so good. If it can keep my legs from looking like scaly dry alligator skin then this stuff is good. Now it is the only lotion I will be using.

I also used it Sunday on my sun burn that I got while getting my horses shod. It felt so good and took the sting out like magic. I recommend trying some today.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Buy one get One Free Cosmetics

 Two For Tuesday
Buy one get one of the same item free. Choose the scent or color of your second item.

Whats up in Pony Dust land. Well we will be in the sample boxes this month for both Sampler village and Out of the Box. We are so excited to be part of these great treats. Be sure to Look up our video on the boxes. There is so much in each box it is well worth the price.
Now Pony Dust is doing wholesale. Be sure to visit for terms and conditions.
A few new videos will be coming out at our U-Tube channel. Looking forward to getting great quick make up tips out for you.
New lip balms are in the making as well as many other products. The coming soon section will be filled with lots of new items.
Check back often for our up coming list of new items.