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Monday, October 24, 2011

Extreme Coupon What's Working? What's Not?

Shopping makes me crazy and it's not often I leave the mountain to trek out to the busy traffic to shop for myself. If you have followed my blog you know I have a very hard time finding jeans to fit. Through the years I have always known that Levi's fit the best but can cost so much.

Today I found a deal I couldn't pass up. JCPenny had a sale on levi's for 34.98 and I had a coupon for 20% off that I found online. I also got a coupon in the mail. I tried on 3 pair I liked them so much I got them in 3 different styles. Boot cut and straight leg could only find one pair in my length but they will shink.

So I get to the check out I get another 20% off if I fill out the penny's credit card app. So I did and saved 40% more. Low and behold the cashier tells me today is customer appreciation day and it's another 15% off. Holly cow how great is that? So I had a gift card from my birthday for 50.00 and ended up paying 22.00 for 3 pair of Levi's. My total would have been $73.00 and that is not bad for Levi's. They are all a bit big but at least when I bend over my butt will not be sticking out. besides jeans all have Lycra now so they will shrink over time. Why do they do that? What happen to the old no Lycra cotton jeans?

So yesterday I went and cut coupons out of the news paper. I had to get some groceries and cut out the ones I thought I could use for things I needed. It didn't go well. First the store brand was cheaper by a lot! I couldn't find half the brands I had coupons for and all of them were 2 or more dollars more then the store brand and they weighed less. So my couponing at the grocery store bombed. Doesn't matter I saved big on jeans.

Tell me about your coupon adventures. I would love to hear some of your great saves and what works for you best. where do you save and where do you find those great coupons?