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Sunday, February 21, 2010

I've Learned from the Best

I have learned from the best everything I know. 20 years of product knowledge from the top professional hair stylist. Matrix, Aveda, Gold Well,Big Sexy Hair, and the very best Nexxus. They just can't hold me now. After years of listening to these companies tell me that they will not stand for diversion I find myself standing in a store with a shelf dedicated just for these companies products.  How they got there I do not know. I have called these companies on many occasions only to get we will look into it. Then a report comes out in our professional news letters that these are old products and not the same as what we are buying. The hub around the hairstylist sink is all about how they are selling out dated products. Yeah Right that's legal!

What a bunch of Bull Shit and I am sick of it. I took things into my own hands and did my research. I ordered ingredients and tested them to see what they could and would do. Then I started to create them. Sure I have had a few things that needed to go down the drain. For the most part though I have had many successful products.
I want my products to get out in the real world and be professional for the profession. That was Matrix motto and I think some where they lost it. Maybe when the founder died so did his idea. To make it a professional product for the small salon owner. I would like to know what happen to that. Why is it nexxus is now on every chain store shelf. They reported they were going public with their product a few years back so I quit using it. Now I am left with the new not so famous names and to tell you the truth they just don't sell. I am saddened to see dead head at the Wies Market why I ask you is this happening.
As a professional I have not used store bough hair anything in over 19 years. I did after first getting out of beauty school go back to pantene but it just isn't a good product. They do not compare to professional products and by far are not created equally.
So all I want to know is why? Why go public with something that has been professional for so long. Who wins the public or the professional?

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