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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring In Eagles Mere a Turn for the Worst

We had a turn for the worst here in Eagles Mere as  I woke up this morning to 2 inches of snow. Yes that's right snow. We will not be without it until May I know but this is getting old.

We have been teased with a few nice days and it has left us with a bit of snert left over. I guess the snow this morning covered those dirty ugly piles over a bit but now everything is wet and muddy. I have so been looking forward to global warming and I really am not feeling it.

A bit of a brighter note and a reason I have not posted as much as I usually do. I met my half brothers for the first time 4 weeks ago. It was a wonderful union as I have known about them but never met them until now. Long story that I may tell some day. It is nice having them in my life and they are already helping me with my Pony Dust Cosmetics and spreading the word about it.
My one brother Mike has a really screwy work schedule but best part of that is he can come and help me make things. He really had a great time helping me make my bubble bars and some jewelry too. It was great fun working with him and I look forward to doing it again very soon.
I will continue with the 10 things that make you look younger and get everyone caught up on the new items I have and will be listing in my shop.
This weekend I will be at the Williamsport high school spring craft show and looking for those who are close to come and see me.
I will be working on my display the next few days and finishing up labels to get ready so be patient I will get back to my blog as soon as time allows. In the mean time Happy Spring!!

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