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Thursday, November 19, 2009

The little Things That Make Your Day

As promised on my site, today I was making peppermint patty lip butters. To my delightful surprise I had a very wonderful guest to help me today. Every Tuesday and Thursday my family meets for lunch. Uncles, Aunts, Sisters, and nieces. My grand mother cooks a big meal and we all hash out our weeks debates and more. It can get rowdy and we all eat way to much making it hard to get back to work. Today though my niece Kailee who is 3 wanted to stay with her Aunt nina as she calls me. I was excited to have her help and we had a great time. I wish we would have had a video. It's hard to keep these moments as they are but today was wonderful.

We first had to clean everything and then spray things with alcohol. Why do we have to do that (with a wrinkled up nose) Kailee asks. I tell her so everything is really clean. She goes on to help me dry all my measuring cups and place the butter containers in a nice line on a clean towel. We get out the chocolate chips, what are they for? Once again the questions come pouring out of this sweet child. We manage to make 10 butters and one for her and of course Mommy will want one too. Kids minds are funny but you just have to love how inquisitive they are. Some days I feel
the same way as if I know nothing, I think that is age and my forgetful mind. I want to thank Kailee for a fun afternoon and helping me create the delicious peppermint patty lip butters. They came out so nice and sweet. I hope we have enough chocolate chips for another batch. As Kailee is smart I had her count out the chips for me. I think we have way more than six but it didn't matter, our butters are really yummy and Kailee just wants to know when we can eat them. Again I had to explain what we were making. Really it still makes me giggle. Thanks Kiddo!


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