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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We are up and Running

We are up and running. The website is coming along more everyday. I have been busy taking pictures and getting products listed. I have orders coming in daily so be patient I will get everything on A.S.A.P. I am eager to get this off the ground and waiting for my order of sample size bottles to come.

Take a peak at the site if you have minute. Fill out the questions at the bottom of each page. It will help me better serve you if I know what you are looking for. I really wish we had smella vision so you could smell the wonderful lotion and lip balm scents. I am working on new ones every day so keep checking back. Like the one I will make tomorrow, peppermint patty lip balm and Sandal wood body butter. I really love creating these wonderful products and almost all of it so far is edible. (please don't eat it though) I really don't think that much oil is good for you.
  I will keep you all posted as to new creations and any ideas you have for my site or a product please let me know.
Up coming items are shampoo, cream to powder eyeshadow, and yummy sugar and salt scrubs. I look to have them done this weekend and on my site some time next week. Till then See ya all later.

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