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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bad Hair Cut Who's Fault is it.

How did you get that bad hair cut? 

It all starts when you first sit in the chair. I myself have had my hair cut not the way I wanted it. It seems that miss-communication is the culprit and it is easy to just not get what you want. How does this happen when you just said you wanted a trim but left with your hair 4 inches shorter than it was.
I have even made mistakes either because my client sat silent in the chair or I miss understood what they wanted because they made to many contradictory request.
For instance my sister tells me she wants her hair layered but not short. So I take off about 2 inches and layer it for her only for me to get finished and she tells me she wanted shorter layers. Was she watching me cut her hair? Didn't she see how much I took off? So I had to do it all over again.
When in the stylist chair be clear go into detail as to what you want. Take a picture with you. It's best to get an idea of what also will work with your hair type, face shape and your build. It all helps when trying to get that great hair cut. Communicate what you want and make sure you are decided on a style. Don't just think your stylist understand what you want when you say things like. " I want something new but not any shorter" Hmm what does that mean? Here is a site that can help you find just what you need for your face shape and lots of styles to give you and your stylist a great way to give you a hair cut that is best for you.
You can print out hairstyles to give to your hairstylist from this Great Website.
Also pay attention to what the stylist is doing. If you think were she is cutting it is too short have her or him go longer, it can always be cut shorter later. Remember to listen to what the stylist suggest. It is their business and they do know a thing or two about cutting hair. All these tips will give you a great chance at not only getting a good cut but one that is suited for your life style and your features. Then after you have that great hair cut, leave a tip. It is always appreciated. 

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