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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Beauty In the Stick The Hat

It seems to me as I am getting dressed I don't really like getting up early and heading off to work. It may be that I am out of practice but the wardrobe I get to ware is more than acceptable. I grab a pair of long johns and throw a pair of loose jeans over them. Who ever invented Under Armor is my hero and will be until I move to Arizona.
My hair and what to do with that at 6 am. Oh no problem I will grab a hat. Now witch one should I ware. I go for the one with the dodge truck emblem on it because it's my favorite and I look good waring it. I love my truck and the hat. No need to comb the hair no one but the horses will see me any way. How pretty but I just want to get this done so I can go soak my head in my coffee cup. Off I go to the barn. The air is crisp and the sun is just licking at the field in the distance. The frost is shimmering like it was sprinkled with glitter. I can see my breath as I walk into the barn.
I walk the horse from the barn to the turn out and he is just so eager to grab a bit of grass that he is about dragging me. I get him out and walk back into the barn to be greeted by a small white kitty that is just so happy to see me. I pick her up and carry her while I gather the needed utensils for my horse duties. I then begin and my mind becomes so clean I can't even tell you what I think.
The few minutes it takes me to clean the stall is like going into another dimension where there is no internet, people, problems or worries.
I finish my task and dump the wheel barrow full of manure. The scent is sweet to me as it is to many of us crazy horse people. The morning sun has warmed it up since I started this task 15 minutes ago. The birds are chirping and the frost has now become dancing drops of water.
I check everything and go get the horse. I walk slowly with him to the outside edge of the field so he can munch on the tall grass that grows there. He is happy and I am content to do this all day. The morning air is fresh and the sun is shining bright. We walk back to the barn give treats and one more quick sweep to the foot prints the horse and I brought in.
As I head for my car I feel how warm the sun is on my face as it dances between the new spring leaves. Walking by the waste pile I see a few robins bouncing happily with their treasured morning meal. The sun is warming my face and I smile. Life is good I am happy. My life is good I want this day to last.

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