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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Caffeine in your Cosmetics

Did you know your skin plums with caffeine. Thats right your skin will plump up and drink in the caffeine that is in your cosmetics. I have developed a whipped lip butter that will do just that.
It should be listed in my shop this week. Just waiting for labels and time to take pictures.

Also new are our  Pony Kisses Lip Butter tubes. This is a fun sweet lip butter in some yummy creamy flavors. They are sweet and I am using fructose to sweeten them with. Yes I know the calories but it doesn't have the bitter taste of  stevia and I can use much less to make them sweet. If you want a none sugared lip balm just let me know. That is the best thing about having a custom cosmetic company working for you.

Hand crafted cosmetics are more custom, try that with any other large cosmetic company and see what you get.
If you don't see something I have or you have ideas for a product just let us know. We will do our best to develop a perfect cosmetic for you.

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