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Friday, October 1, 2010

Having Dry Skin How do you Cure It?

Get this having dry skin is a big pain. Not that having any kind of skin problem isn't and here I will try to help you with some tips and tricks that may help dry facial skin.
Dry skin tends to have very small pores and most people are under the impression that using a scrub is a bad idea. That is just not so. It is very important to get the dead dry skin off .

Using and mild scrub will remover dead cells and flaky skin leaving new skin on the surface. This is when you need to deep condition your skin. Don't just rub your moisturizer on actually rub it in. If you can find a facial massager and work that moisturizer in that is great. This should be done 2 to 3 times a week. Use a heavy moisturizer at night after using a daily cleanser and toner. Why toner? It's no just for oily skin toner is a cleanser that will finish getting all the dirt and oil off your skin. It will if you use the right type open pores so you can basically shove the moisturizer into your deep tissues.
Always use an SPF of some type. I don't care what those tree huggers say about sun screen. There are many natural sun screens available and you will pay a higher price if that makes you more comfortable. Just don't go without it on your face ever.
Use your moisturizer according to directions and always spot test any new products on the inside of your arm before applying to you face. You may have an allergy you never knew you had and this is a much better place to have it than on your face. 
If you keep having problems with your skin and can't seem to get any results you may need to drink more water. Yes I know  water yuk. add some lemon or a table spoon of fruit juice and make it taste better. Just make sure you get lots of it.
Vitamin E must come with vitamin C to be effective in a lotion so check to be sure there are both.
Grape seed oil and olive oil are both great for facial tissues as they are loaded with antioxidants and help fight free radicals. They also are very softening. We all want our cheeks to be baby butt soft and these are just a few ways to concur dry skin. Don't be afraid to hydrate that skin or scrub it. No point in trying to put moisture in if your have dried up skin over top all the little pores that need to have moisture. You must clean them out fully before the moisture will ever get in.
Try our Rose Hip Oil Moisturizer or Daily Facial moisturizer for after scrubbing.

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