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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bad New for our Mineral Cosmetic Line

As I was getting ready for spring and formulating some great lip gloss colors I noticed a few of my micas were getting low. I made my listed to reorder.
So yesterday while taking a break I though well I will just order them while I am sitting here. I get on my suppliers website to see that the colors I use are discontinued.  Appearantly their supplier is no longer carrying these. Since I formulate from scratch only using the 6 colors from the color wheel and a few sparkly colors I am in a bad position. As finding true colors is not easy and my search is not going well. This is not the death of our cosmetics by no means but everything will need to be reformulated. What does this mean for you?
Of Course we will be selling all our colors at a discount. That's right a huge one because they will no longer be created. Now this will be happening in the next week or so. I will get them listed and marked for sale so you can enjoy them. Be sure to sign up for our News letter as I will have announcements in there for everything that is going on. News Letter

I will keep you posted!!!!

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  1. Oh no Lynda so sorry to hear that..:( But I'm sure you'll create great ones.