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Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Just Love Spring In Eagles Mere

It reminds of..Umm................Well...............Winter!
As you can see by the picture last week dump a little more on us. I know it's early for us to have spring but we have not had but 2 days of good weather. I really have not had much time to notice it because I have been really busy.
In my next post I will be sure to show you some of our new items and some of our updated looks. This will give you an idea of why it really hasn't been a bother to me this year. So  be sure to follow our blog for these great updates
I want to hear about your weather. How is it where you live?

Has Winter been kind? Because I know Japan is not having much fun. What do you do to take up the long days between actual spring and spring?

My readers would love to know all about where you are from and what you do to keep busy. 

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