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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How Do You Want Your Whipped Soap to Smell?

 I love whipped soap it feels like washing with whipped cream. Pure will be coming out with our new concoction very soon. I started these in March of this year but they have to cure for 8 weeks. These hopefully will your favorite to.

Now how to scent them? I would love to get your input on what scents you would like. Feel free to leave a comment and as many scents as you love. I am partial to the apple mango because it leaves such a wonderful after scent of sweet and clean freshness on my skin.

I have been working on lease wonderful soaps every week and have had a ton of fun doing it. I even had some on the ceiling and all over myself a few times. I think I filled the bowl up to much. LOL Wish I had pictures of that.

As you can see these are a nice fluffy soap and give you copious amounts of  lather. You can shave with them as they are very mild and feel like cream on your skin. I used lots of cocoa nut oil and butter along with shea butter to give your skin a moisturizing effect along with a clean feel. These rinse off and do not leave a film at all. Just soft smooth skin.
They will also be available in a sugar scrub so look for those as well.

Now tell me how you want to smell? 

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