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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Have You Looked at Your Behind?

2 days ago for some reason I decided to pick up my mirror in my salon and take a look at the back of myself. Now I know it sounds strange but I was really just looking at my hair and what it looked like from the back. I don't often do this in a full length mirror so I am not being weird just trying to see if my hair looked ok. My eyes not only caught the stray long hair that was hanging loose but noticed the rest of me. Like the fact that my love handles have become actual handles. LOL and my pants although comfy are not flattering at all as they hang off the bottom of my rear as though I have no behind. I promise you I am not missing any of that. So those pants are now for barn chores not go out in public in.

I also really took a good look at my hair and decided no matter what I needed to get a hair cut that day. So I did and guess what? It looks and feels so much better. I went to my computer and looked at hairstyles for about 1 hour until I picked a Meg Ryan hair cut. It really is cute and can be worn in several ways. Perfect for my hectic life.

why should you look in the back every once in a while? Most of us don't take a gander at the rear we are only worried about what we can see from the front. I will tell you so many times I have sat in church for a funeral or wedding and wondered if anyone had looked to see the back of their head or clothing. As a hairstylist I find it hard to believe no one does the back of their hair. (some do) but so many don't. I want to hand them my business card so bad it hurts. I often sit there and fiddle with my card wondering if maybe I could drop it in front of them and get them to pick it up. Hmmm I know I am bad but if you know a hairstylist they do the same thing. We are always looking to see if someone has split ends, dandruff, or try to figure out how long it's been since your last color job.

We have all seen those who walk around in the mall or shopping for groceries where you want to fix someones clothes because from the back they have really messed up.

Don't be afraid to take a gander of the back then I know your confidence will be boosted knowing you know how you look from the back. I know I am glad I did.
Until the next weird thing I come up with be beautiful on the inside, makes you pretty on the outside.

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