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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Eagles Mere Salon & Our Town

This is part of my town I live in. Many shops reside in this historical building. The new museum is also located there. You can visit on the weekends. The shops are open all summer every day but this time of year they are only open on the weekends. You can find out more information about my town by visiting this link.
Anything that is going on is listed on this site.

In the winter it gets really quiet but if the weather is just right we have a toboggan slide that is made out of ice from the lake. Our volentire fire Co. builds it and runs it for as long as the weather will hold up.
You can view someones great ride below.

That's all for now. Just a little look at where I live and the little town I am from. Although I didn't grow up here my entire family is here so I visited as a kid often. My favorite spot is the pond, I love fishing there and the lilly pads are just beautiful in the summer. A great quiet place even in the summer when the town is buzzing with people.

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