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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fading Hair Color How to Stop It.

Everyone who colors there hair wants it to last, (Most of the time). Professional colored hair is an investment in ones self and the price is well worth it if it makes you look great. So I am asked all the time why does my hair color fade, what can I use to make it last? Here are some tips and tricks to keeping you hair color beautiful longer.

First we must look at what hair color is. the different types of color also play a big role in how long they will last and of course those rascally reds that seem to fade within days. We will start with semi permanent color. It is meant to wash out within a few weeks and if your hair is dry damaged or your water is treated it will wash away sooner. Semi permanent color only covers the shaft of the hair it lays on the outer shell of the hair only dying the outer layer. Thus washing away each shampoo. They are usually the least damaging and if you like to change colors often a great choice. If you are new to color and only want to see what it would look like they are a good introduction to color.
Then we have demi permanent hair color that uses a mild promoter or chemical to open the hair shaft to deposit color. The structure of this color is still less damaging and is meant to wash away gradually so you do not have a growth line. Great for blending grey hair and adding shine or a hint of color to dull hair. Also a wonderful addition to between color treatments.
Permanent hair color opens the shaft of the hair to change the color completely. Ammonia or a list of many chemicals I will not get into now. Opens the hair shaft then lifts the hair color that is there then leaves the color that is put on. Thus being great for gray coverage, shine, body, and completely changing your own color. They last until they grow out but will have some fading depending on the length of your hair. Can be damaging if not done properly.
So how Do we keep our Color longer?
It is not your shampoo that fades your color. Shampoo is actually for cleaning you scalp. Conditioners are great for de-tangling and adding shine and control and do not remove color. The biggest culprit in your color fading is your water. Water changes the molecular structure of hair. Ever wet your hair and roll it on rollers? When it drys it is in the shape of what ever roller you had it on. Water opens the cuticles and when that happens it rinses out color. Best thing to do is use Luke warm water. Hot water opens the cuticle of the hair more releasing more color. Chlorinated water also will remove color or salt treated water. Well water can leave mineral build up leaving your hair dull but is usually best if used at a cooler temperature. If you live in a city with treated water and want to save your hair color used bottled water at least for rinsing. Cold water will close the cuticle and get it ready for styling.
The other culprit is styling. Blow drying with hot air or using a styling tool will diminish you hair color also. Try using a styling aid that has a heat protector in it. Anything that has a silicone base will also help keep the cuticles of the hair flat and protect your hair color investment.
I hope this helps. Until next time when we talk about the right hair style for your age.

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