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Monday, November 8, 2010

Whos in Charge of Your Product Use

I was talking to a friend just today and she exclaimed how she wasn't going to use any more chemicals on her body any more. I was in agreement with her but also told her to be careful about what she reads and what is so called bad cosmetics.

Her and I have been hairdressers for over 20 years and we both have many friends who are also in the beauty industry. I thought about what she said right before I left. She said that the FDA and Government is trying to poison us. I must say I disagree. I believe that we poison ourselves all the time. One example is taking prescribed drugs from a doctor. On a personal note I took a drug for many years that was prescribed to me by a doctor. Many years after I was taking this drug I got a letter from the FDA. It announced that this drug has been link with blindness. Upon getting this letter I contacted my doctor and met with him. His response was (well I believe that the benifit out weigh the risk). Really!!! I thought. Hmm my sight or being dead what would be a better choice for me. I think I will take death.

I then started doing a lot of research and found studies done that claim a vitamin would help my racing heart, and I could take this in high doses to control my disease. You bet I threw out those nasty pills that caused everything from hardening of the lungs to liver disease. ( that is only 2 of the 3 pages of things this so called cure pill had) I then bought a vitamin and wow I feel so much better now.

This is one example but we also have botox that is lethal yet we use it to get rid of wrinkles.
It is not the FDA or the government who makes products their job is only to police products made. If you think about it why would you want them more involved. Any product that is reported causing a problem is removed from the shelves. The company must submit the claims made by the company. These are then evalutated by the FDA, CIR not to mention other departments that govern each kind of product.

If the government groups begin to approve each thing before it is released to the public you will be paying very high inflated prices for everything, including lipstick, eyeliner, toothpaste, vitamins ext. Just like the drug companies must submit studies and do studies before any product is released to the public. Hence the high cost of drugs.
I personaly like having the choice of what I want to use and am very happy with all the product I have used in the past. If cosmetics were so dangerous and things like parabens, and propylene glycol  those items would be found not safe and have to be removed from product.

Look at accutane an anti acne prescribed drug. It is making people sick, it was studied but clearly not enough. Now they are allowing lawsuits to be claimed against the company because the product is causing things that their testing didn't show, nor did they claim these on the package of side effects.
It becomes a fine line between having the government control something or having them monitor something. We must be careful and remember that in letting our government claim control will take our freedom to choose away.

So by now you are wondering what my point is. Well I know many of you feel the way my friend does an I too am not into using un-necessary chemicals. I also create products with safe and trusted ingredients. The point is that you must do your own research. Be very careful not to read too much that is spattered all over the internet. Don't believe because it says Dr. so and so because they can be paid to promote a product or to say bad things about an ingredient and they will. If you got paid to tell everyone it was raining and never sunny and you got paid a lot of money to do that you would. You would also do the best you could at it if you got a bonus for making others believe you.

I must say I like having choices and I do all my own research for my products and anything I put in or on my body. I go to a pharmacists, real doctors and many more non involved individuals for information.
Want to read more about products whats good for you and what isn't with real science behind it. Go to Personal Care 

I don't feel that the FDA or CIR need to be more involved but may be try to educate people more. Consumers need to know what things are and what they do. The FDA or government aren't trying to poison us but some companies think they are trying to cure us with the poison they introduce without really researching things. Getting back to basics and to nature is a good way.You are the only one in control of what you do to your body Not the government and lets keep it that way.

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