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Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Fall Pressed Silk Eye Shades by Pony Dust Cosmetics

What are we up to?

Show season is up and running in our area then off I go to South Carolina (just when it get cool yay) to watch my step son graduate from basic training. It will be a nice trip and a much needed time out.
We have been creating so much great stuff and I have not had the time to list any of these wonderful creations.
The top product release is our Pit Juice a natural and very fresh scented deodorant that everyone who has tried it loves. It is good for those who have had breast cancer as it does not have anything in it to stop your natural flora and lets you sweat. It has sodium carbonate to absorb orders and essential oil blend to fight bacteria.
When  I first started using this deodorant I thought well it doesn't work I stunk. A friend who uses natural deodorant told me it takes a while for your body to adjust and at first you have to put it on all the time but after a few days once and done.  I am there and find that I love it.

We have changed our minerals to a pressed powder. I got sick of all those little sifter containers and the sifter covers coming off. The leaking and not to mention the labels. Millions of little labels everywhere and the keeping them straight. These pressed powders are pressed with our pressing solution of fractionated coco nut oil, jojoba oil, dimethicome, cyclomethicone and  polysorbate to hold it all together.
If you have ever used Motive or Matrix's cosmetics these are comparable. I am not sure but believe Motives is actually manufactured by Mac cosmetics.
Our mineral eyeshadow formula is creamy yet goes on dry and silky smooth. Our silky eye shades minerals are listed on the site and you can purchase them in the 2 gram size. I have some in screw cap pots but will be replacing them in a flip top silver pot. I found my eyeshadow pans fit better in the flip top.

You can also get a silk shadow Pony dot sample. I will be listing them as a 9 shade set. Each pressed silky shadow is .50 grams and will be available in a small clear compact. We will also be selling our silk shades in a quad you can mix and match. I will be trying to list them this weekend. Plus add more colors. Our entire pallet has changed so those of you who have joined the eyeshadow club will be getting new samples soon.

Our newest Colors are the Fall 2010 Collection of bright deep and very bold colors. You can wear them together or with other shadow shades. They are meant to be worn in combination as eyeliner and shadow.The entire collection is $26.50 You can also get them in single pots and buy just the colors you want.
These are a great way to add a bit of color to your every day make-up and try something new
Single pots are $9.99

We have many other colors listed and will have more in the next few weeks. See you all next time. Oh and be sure to check out our Body Butter Sale. Makes a great Christmas gift.

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