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Saturday, January 22, 2011

10 Ways to Look Younger Series #3 and #4

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Tip # 3
Ok Ladies it's a new year and have you looked in your closet? Really look in there and dig in deep. Anything from 10 years ago? How about 5 years ago? Is it time to have a do over.
Now I know we all have some classics we love but your wardrobe says a lot about your age. You clothes do not always have to be so dated. That is in age dated, I am guilty of this myself because of some handmade sweaters my mother made me years ago. I still have them puffy sleeves and all but don't wear them in public. Well no place to important. I know buying clothes can be hard and expensive. Finding clothing for your age is not what you want to do. Finding clothing that is in style is. Look through some catalogs and see what is hot. Find some items that will not be faddy but in general get you through a year.

You don't need to go into the Juniors section to find the in thing. Lots of shows on tv, What Not To Wear is a good one. Up dating your clothing gives you a younger appearance and don't let that oh I'm too old to wear something like that. You are only as old as you want to believe you are. Aching back and all you can still look fresh and young with your own style.

Case in point - my old business partner and a I did a make over day for 4 lady's. Each of them came in with kahki pants and a skinny leather belt, shirts tucked in tight. The shirts each had collars on them and buttoned up. My guess was they were all around 50 or so. The pants were not updated or in style khakis they were quite old lady looking. It was to both our surprise that these ladies happen to be our age. My partner looked at me and I looked back in shock. After they left we both swore not to ever ware anything like that ever!

Getting an up dated look is easy just look through some magazines and go to a few stores. where you go also helps. The gape always has up dated styles and most of the people that work in these kind of stores will help you out. I did ask a few of the girls to help me out one time and came home with items that were young and fresh. Maybe a bit to young and fresh so I took them back and traded for a bit less teeny bobber type and more 20's . I was 32 at the time.
Tip #4
Your make up is also in for an up do. Take a look at some videos on You Tube you will find some really good ideas to up date your look. If you look through a few you may get some great tips for giving your style a younger fresh look. No I am not say you have to go out buy new anything. Just give you make up a applications a do over. Now if you haven't changed your make up in the last year you need to trash it any way. Time get rid of it if you have had if for some time. It can be rancid and full of bacteria that can cause skin irritation and break outs. No matter what kind of cosmetics you use they do not last over a year and it's a good idea to get new. Try a few new colors while your at it, a new technique that will fresh your look and give you a younger appearance. 
I will also be doing some make up tutorials very soon. I need to find a model and may have found one. You can check that our by Clicking Here

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