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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Maybe This Is What I Should Do When I Grow Up

On Monday I transformed my salon into a handmade shop. I love it so much I would love to leave it this way. I love the way it smells it sounds and feels.

It only took 2 tables and a few screws to make my little hair salon a craft bonanza. I had my Grandma bring her sweater over and hang them from any hook we could find. I arranged my jewelry on a table and my frames. It looks and feels just like a little craft shop. My Mother and sister are supposed to bring more things today, I can't wait. I only wish I could keep it this way.
I had 3 people pop in one bought lotion and the others wanted hair cuts. Funny that when I said I couldn't they didn't even notice that my shop was completely changed.
I am hopping to be busier today with people as my ad was in the paper last week. It was not cheap and looked great. I had a few people tell me they saw it and would be over. It will be in the paper again tomorrow and may jog everyone's memory that I am there with my crafts. I could have done it on the weekend but I was very busy with hair on Saturday and had to do my shopping.
Today I will work on all my Christmas baskets for my family. If there is anything left at the end of these few days I am going to have a give a way starting the day after Christmas. We will announce them in our news letter so be sure to sign up.
I really would love to bag the hair salon all together and may try one of these little sales again in January to see if this is something that may work for me. I am ready to do something new and really get into my creative side.
My Santa helper days will end Wednesday December 23 then it's back to cutting hair again. I look forward to seeing those of you who live in our area. Come in grab a basket fill it with goodies and I will decorate it so you have a wonderful handmade gift.
So Come on in Open 1 to 7pm Today and Tomorrow. We will be waiting for you.

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