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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pony Dust Wishes All A Happy Holiday

Have a Very Happy Holiday Season.
Be safe and remember to smile in these last few days of hustle and bustle. Enjoy yourself and your family activities.
This season comes and goes so quickly we often forget to just enjoy.
I am actually going to take Sunday off to do nothing but a load of laundry.
I hope you will enjoy a day to yourself as well.
Remember not to eat to much and drink plenty of water.
Things don't always have to be perfect for your family.They aren't perfect either and it will be the same as last year. Its all the same family and they will look past the little flaws in the dinner rolls you forgot to put on the table. Better yet how about that gift you shorted on wrapping paper. LOL  It seems to happen to just one doesn't it.
Have a really great time I will see you all back here after this busy weekend.
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