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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bubble Bath Macaroon Experiment Gone Wild

wow guess what I did today? I made a new product and had a blast. It was raining when I got up so I grabbed all my things to take down stairs so I could get to work. I wanted to finish an on going order and finish organizing my shop for the holiday basket sale I am having.

Well I got watching a video while drinking my coffee and taking a break. Next thing I know I am pulling out bowls and ingredients to mix up some of this stuff. Well of course I am always into making things better. Fist I mixed up my ingredients and did what the video said to. I then put the little tarts into the pan and stuck them in the freezer. (impatient I am) I then turned them over to try to remove them but had no luck. They were so hard I could use them to shoot out of a gun. I then re melted the entire batch. I added a few more ingredients that I thought would be much better and wa la I have a great bubble bath macaroon.
Ok so my first ones don't look that great but I got some great ideas from looking at some website of macaroons and they will only get better. I am so excited about this. I just wish I had a tub. I would love to use these and would be in the tub every night soaking away my aching bones. I did take a few for my shower tomorrow morning. I have to try these out they smell so terrific.

We have wrapped them up in a great holiday bag with a snow man. They will come in many scents and I hope you will check them out as we will be adding more as the days go on. I would also like to mention these will be in our gift baskets. They make great stocking stuffer s and I have made some holiday ones too. I have measured them out to 1 oz so you will need to use 1 or 2 per bath.
Check them out one my site. These will not be the ones you get but a much prettier batch.

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