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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Whats Prowling On Your Puff?

A few years ago I had a client complaining about a rash she had. It seemed to be getting worse every time I saw her for a hair cut. She had gone to a dermatologist and they took a scrap of skin to see what they could find.
My client stopped using soaps of any kind on her body because the doctor thought it could be an allergic reaction. This went on for quite sometime and she seem to get rid of it one week and the next it was back.

I asked her what she used to wash with. Her reply was nothing I stopped using anything and don't even use perfume any more.  No I said what do you use a wash cloth, puff, or loofah. Oh she reply's a puff and sometimes my loofah.
So I asked her a few more questions. How old are they? Where do you keep them when you are finished showering? and When was the last time you washed them in the dish washer or replaced them.
she said she usually used them at least a month or more and never thought to wash them.
I told her to throw them away and us a new wash cloth ever time she showered. In a week her skin started to clear up and the rash never returned. She did have to you a bacterial cream for about 2 weeks but it has never come back.
Here's the deal, after showering or bathing shake as much water out of your puff as you can. Take your puff out of the shower or tub. Keep it in a place it can dry or dry it with a towel. Be sure to dip your loofah or puff in bleach and rinse if you plan on using it more than a week. Keeping it dry when not in use will keep it from forming mold, mildew and bacteria. These can lead to staph (Staphylococcus aureus)
infections like the one my client had. This is not something you want and can be very serious. Because puffs are fairly cheap I would replace it weekly if you use it daily.
If you notice a rash and have not changed soaps get a new loofah or sponge right away and if the rash doesn't go away see your doctor.
In short it is best to keep anything you use on your skin clean and free of bacteria.

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