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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Where Did Chritmas Go?

I am not a lover of Christmas. The hustle and bustle that makes me crazy just before the holiday. Before you think oh she's  a Grinch let me say. I love spending time with my family. I just love playing with my nieces and enjoying there surprises on that day.
I am not a shopper and have always hated going to the mall or any department store. This year was a challenge because I just couldn't find anything I really wanted to get my family. Every store was out of everything I wanted to purchase. The stores did not stock according to what they would sell. (wonder how that would work for my business?) They put things on sale, I even got e-mails for coupons for items they didn't have and I could not order. UHH I was so unhappy. I found the customer service lacking to say the least. To many of them standing around looking busy when it was apparent that people needed help. One of the worst stores I was in that this happen was Best Buy. I think Staples was next they didn't have a thing in stock 2 weeks before Christmas.

So we start right after thanks giving and sometimes Halloween with the sales pitches for Christmas, the music, and decorations. By the end of November I am sick of looking at it. Tired of asking everyone what they want and so forth. It's the beginning of December until I do anything with my shop for Christmas and maybe this is wrong but I don't want to make my clients feel I am shoving my stuff down their throat for 8 weeks prior to the holiday.
Now Christmas has come and gone. I have time to relax and enjoy but no Christmas anything in site. I want to listen to Christmas music and watch some of the shows I never get to see before it gets here. Nothing on tv but trash. Some  of my favorites are rudoff and frosty, others include the family stone and old man winter (haven't seen that in years)
I am putting the tree away today, I have to fold it in half and put it in the ribbon box all done. I just wish I could find a nice Christmas story to watch these nights that I now have time to sit and watch.
I will have to dig out my movies and see what I have. Make a cup of hot chocolate and rub some yummy body butter on my legs and feet and enjoy my short relaxing time.


  1. Welcome to Pony Dust Blog it is great having you with us. Happy New Year!