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Friday, December 10, 2010

Beauty Questions Answered Here

Do you have a beauty question you would like to have answered. Want to know how to keep your mascara from running down your cheeks?
Is you hair flat but not sure what you can do to give it body.
If you have questions I can help.
As a hair stylist and makeup artist for over 20 years I have done it all. Even though I live in the woods we like to look good too.

I have worked with photographers and models. (you know the models that do calendars for the NRA)
My salon has participated with local fashion shows that we do yearly with our local women center and victim services.  Not to mention my love of making up my friends and working with brides at my salon.

I am often not sure what you as my reader would like to know about so help me out and ask questions.
Please keep them beauty or product related but ask away.  Ask you questions in the comments area and I will write a post about it. Be sure to follow this blog so you can get an answer to your question.

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